Just left, just rejoin?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by buckrogers21stc, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. I have just signed out fo the TA after 5 (inc an operational tour) years due to work commitments and generally getting pissed off with my unit. I did apply for transfer to another unit but it was turned down due to no recruitment at that time. Now im thinking i have been too hasty. How easy/difficult is it to rejoin a different unit say in 1 years time when circumstances change? Do i need to go throught the whole lot again bar re-trade training?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Should not be too hard and I would not expect you to have to start from scratch.

    Next time apply for a leave of absence.

  3. You see, that would have been great but unfortuneatly the last place was shit at all things admin/advice!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    You should have asked here :)
  5. I was in the TA for 4 years, then left as I thought I was going off to somewhere else and wouldn't have time for TA.

    Alas life changed, and I found myself going back to the TA a year later, but to a different unit in a different part of the country. Pretty much most of my previous quals counted, so essentially I just had a quick medical, got re signed on (kept my old number) got some new kit and went straight on the next training weekend.

    I'm not leaving this time! (Unless of course they make me...)
  6. Well true I should have asked here first. I will now for future reference.!!
    Cheers again, comments are a great help.
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    So he could be referred to his PSI? :D
  8. Given the liklihood of bad news inbound I'm minded of the old cartoon....

    Deepsea diver " I'm just coming up"
    Support Boat - sinking - " Don't bother, we're coming down...."
  9. Go for a Commission...loads of spaces and you can get as far as MOD 3 without going to AOSB!!!
  10. See TA Regs Para 5.053:

    Classification of Soldiers with Previous Military Service (see also para 2.013).

    5.053. A commanding officer may classify a soldier of the TA with previous military service without a test if he has had either 6 months or more reckonable man’s service in the Regular Army or regular land forces of a Commonwealth country, or former service in the TA or authorized auxiliary forces of a Commonwealth country of 12 months or more, and passed a recruit’s course, provided that:

    a. He enlists or re-enlists within 72 months of his discharge from former service, or in the case of a solider who was classified in a supervisory appointment, i.e. a NCO or instructor, within 36 months, of his discharge from former service. This time limit may be extended in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of DM(A). (See also para 5.123.)

    b. He was classified in that employment when released from previous military service.

    c. The employment is appropriate to the arm in which he is serving.

    d. The test standards have not undergone substantial change since he was released from his former service.

    e. A soldier who is provisionally classified on enlistment under the terms of sub para a, who enlists in an employment to which his previous standards are not applicable, may keep this classification for up to one year from re-enlistment. On completion of one year’s service he is to be reclassified and granted the classification appropriate to his qualifications. Alternatively, if he holds a suitable civilian qualification he may be classified in accordance with the conditions set out in AGAIs, Volume 2, Chapter 51, paras 51.120 to 51.123, provided the employment is applicable to his arm of the Service.

    And 5.123a:


    a. Warrant officers and NCOs who have served as such in the Regular or Territorial Army may be appointed without further examination to the warrant or non commissioned rank for which they have already qualified while serving with the Colours, provided that a period of not more than 3 years has elapsed since they last held or qualified for such rank and that a suitable vacancy exists (see also para 5.053a). For former members of the Royal Marines or the Royal Air Force Regiment see AGAI Volume 2, Chapter 51, paras 51.124 and 51.125.