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Disabled soldier's pay-out victory

MoD will review controversial policy

Ned Temko
Sunday September 2, 2007
The Observer

The government bowed last night to the outcry over its 'insulting' compensation plans for a young paratrooper horrifically injured in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defence has signalled for the first time that it will review the case of 23-year-old Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, whose injuries have left him disabled for life.
Link: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,2160832,00.html

Could it be we have now got them on the run or am I being overly optimistic?
Its a shame that public opinion (voters) had to prevail and not common sense.

The difference in the maximum £500k for civilian injuries and the £285k for military further displays military personel being treated as 3rd rate citizens.

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