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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sarah1983, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. Hello all, just saying hi.

  2. welcome to arrse , are you a civvie or army ?
  3. I'm a Civvi, but my boyfriend is a soldier
  4. Hi Sarah and welcome...

    There is a small but perfectly formed group of civvy wives/girlfriends of soldiers in here so you will not be alone. The Naafi bar in here will give you a run for your money and we have just created a 'decent behaviour' area including the 'Other halves' forum if you want more serious discussion too. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks.

  6. Brave girl coming in here so new on the site, obviously someone who can hold their own, good to see. Don’t be ashamed to give as good as you get.
  7. New meat :twisted: :twisted:
  8. May I volunteer to rub you down in chip fat and paddle your bottom with a Dandy annual
  9. Sarah,
    Please ignore MDN. He really is 'mostly harmless' but has a very limited vocabulary. He has also very slightly mad and has delusions of grandeur. We just humour him.........
  10. And should know better than using a Dandy annual, everbody knows to get the girl you need a copy of Bunty. 8)
  11. Pan is just jealous as we need to fasten seven annuals end to end to paddle her arse :D
  12. Having seen several photographs of the aforementioned arse, I would say that 9 x A1 architectural drawing boards fixed to a medieval trebuchet would be more appropriate.

    Ignore MDN Sarah, he is an oafish brut with no sense of chivalry that will lead you a merry dance before betraying your confidence and shattering your illusions.

    Instead, talk to me, I am caring, sensitive and a "new man" with the utmost respect for our female equals.

    You could start by sending me a picture of you in a thong :D
  13. Should we not - as the caring, sharing individuals that we are - ask what Sarah prefers?

    How about it Sarah, Dandy or Bunty? - or are you more upmarket ? because if you are I have a copy of the Blue Peter annual 1972.

    And don't fall for MDN's attempts to turn your head, it is well known he only reads (in the loosest sense of the word) Commando training mags and they are no use to paddle.
  14. Discovered in Chat last night that Sarah has a rabbit.
  15. The fluffy kind that can be buggered and eaten or the buzzy kind for selfish loving sessions.

    Sarah, come on post a pic, Ignore ORG he is a Ginger Brummie, and the only man on earth unfunnier than Lenny Henry.

    Gunny looks like Timmy Mallet and Blackhand is a Moari with nostrils bigger than the pair of fake raybans he holds in his valued posessions.

    I will spend the day hounding you unless you email me a pic of you Holding a tin of processed cheese and waving a semaphor flag above your head.