Just incase anyone needed a spare Lynx panel.

EBay Lynx instrument panel.

Useful if your full size project is in need of one I suppose.

Amazing what you find on FleaBay. 8O

[geek mode on]

Not sure what version its from but it can't be from a Mk3 or Mk8 as they don't have a full panel on the left and I can't remember ever flying a Mk1/7 or 9 with Harpoon? It says it from an early Lynx but I'll be fcuked if I know which one.

[geek mode off/]
Maybe it's one of those Norwegian whaling ones seeing it has a harpoon :D

I know, I know and I'm getting me hat and coat now...
Still can't understand why you haven't changed the colour of the stripe on your trousers??

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