Just In Time fails again!

I have the telly on to watch for the interest rate news.

The next item was about the snow and they interviewed the Planning Officer for Gloucestershire who told the reporter that the county had a 72 hour delivery contract with their supplier for salt and grit.

But last week, that company stopped deliveries and failed to answer the telephone!

I wonder if that was in the county's contingency planning....


Edited because I wasn't clear!


Nothing to do with their contingency planning!!!!! The staff have all been replaced with italians or polish and are to scared to answer the telephone!


A 72 hour delivery contract always looks good on paper.

People might draw less comfort if that said "72 hours but only during periods of normal demand versus supply capabilty"

Not as if Local Authorities should find this a surprise:


Local authorities warned to stock up for de-icing roads

"Local authorities are being urged to plan well ahead for snowfalls and ice this winter after late bad weather earlier this year kept the UK’s road salt suppliers at full stretch as local authorities battled to de-ice our roads and keep our highways safe.

Early indications are that temperatures across northern Europe this winter, including the UK, are likely to be colder than last and Salt Association members are keen to ensure that local authorities are not caught out by prematurely running down stocks of de-icing salt. Snow or ice has occurred in late spring over the past three years, bringing roads to a standstill and endangering lives."


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