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National Hunger Strike 25th Anniversary Commemoration Rally

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1981 - 2006 Commemorative Flag
National Hunger Strike 25th Anniversary Commemoration Rally

Sunday 13th of August 2006 Belfast

A Generation Remembers

This August thousands of republicans from all over the world will gather on the streets of Belfast to honour the sacrifice of the 10 Hunger Strikers who gave the supreme contribution for their republican ideals. Many believe that their deaths were a watershed in the present struggle in the war for freedom. Like many, republicans, before and since, who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs, their legacy lives on. The 1981 Hunger Strike epitomised the very ethos of the republican cause which refused to be criminalised or forsaken. Ironically, the prisoners were actually the architects of our freedom. Those who dedicated their lives to the struggle for independence and the self – determination for the Irish Nation will be celebrated on the streets of Belfast. Those who suffered at the hands of injustice within and outside the prisons will be distinguished by this tribute. In an innovative and unique performance the icons of the republican struggle will be celebrated using interactive theatre techniques. The route will become a composite canvas to paint our pictures and tell our stories of struggle, oppression and revolution.

At this rally people will be asked to carry a black flag with the 1981 – 2006 commemoration logo.

These flags are now available from our online store and all proceeds will go to help defray the costs of staging the rally.

Even if you cannot attend the rally in person please show your support by flying a flag.

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I think it'd be more appropriate if everyone turned up waving those little flags children get at MacDonalds......

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