Just How Thick are we?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by changingmag, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Just seen on the BBC website that financial crime in the UK stemming from Nigeria involves 'billions of pounds'.

    Apparently, 'one in 20 UK internet users say they have lost money through online scams, research into spam emails suggests. Almost half say they have received so-called phishing emails aimed at tricking them into revealing details like online banking passwords'.

    Back in My 05, the BBC released a report stating that 'these incidents alone cost the UK economy £150m a year - with the average victim losing £31,000'. I had an email from a Mr Nbgbo (or whatever) asking for my bank details so that he could release a fortune. I promptly told him to 'get to fcuk' - from common sense alone.

    Is the fine nation for which we so proudly serve really that thick? Any thoughts?
  2. ooh ooh did you keep his address :p
  3. Not thick - just greedy.

    Ok, maybe a bit thick. :lol:
  4. Some people are gullible, others greedy and many desperate. that is how they work. There was a bloke on TV the other day, he has written a book about scamming the scammers. He had them take pictures of themselves with weird articles/sayings and so on and just strung them out. He obviously didnt have a real job so sat on his cpu all doing this sh!te.
  5. I know a SNCO who actually fell for this bollox. He (and his wife) were right money grabbing sorts and tried to back out, getting more and more calls from Africans, they went to the Monkeys. Who larfed in their face. Correctly.
  6. yea yea money money whatever,
  7. Butler
    Sadly not - I'm very active with my delete button. He doesn't owe you money, does he? Or do you have a gig this weekend?
    If it's in the darker recesses of my email at the CM residence, I'll post it.
  8. I never cease to be astonished that people are still taken in by the likes of the 419 scams - helping some dubious civil servant, or son of former ruler move a huge amount of currency out of X African country.

    ffs - are these people stupid.....

    especially after the increased publicity these scams get.

    But then I am amazed that people open ANY emails from people they dont know or that arent in their address book etc.

    A fool and his money are soon parted, as the saying goes :p
  9. forget it too slow I just spent all my money on a lunar cheese harvesting project.

    I'm in the money...... :D
  10. For a small fee of £1000 per email I will advise people on whether or not they should reply to any Nigerian emails they receive.
  11. Seen some classics over the years. Has anybody got any good ones they'd care to share with us?

    One of my favourites, received last year. His justification for not wanting the cash ("my ministry is the apocalypse" is brilliant :lol: ):


    Attn:Dear sir/madam,

    I am a preacher with the SEED HARVEST MINISTRY,and I will like to get advice from you.I believe the advice I need is secular to some extent,but do have the patience to understand my intention.

    A few year's ago I was in Liberia were I had established a little congregation where I preached regularly,but the civil war escaleted and the church was converted to a hospital of sourghts. On one faith full day three Soldiers came to me and left trunks of Money with me and swore to come back for it.
    When the war in Liberia intensified I deposited this box in a security vault ,I was escorted by the ECOMOG soldiers who felt the content of
    the trunks were documents and never cared to check the trunks,I was airlifted to England with other refugees then,I stayed in England and when I was getting fraustrated I returned to London where i am ministering presently only to find out that two of the three Soldiers died in Battle while the last was decleared MIA (Missing in Action).
    After thorough investigation of the trunk boxes,i discovered that the three trunk boxes had a total amount of four million United States Dollars($4.m) which was unknown to me from the very begining.

    Considering the fact that there was no possiblility of the soldiers coming back for their funds,arrangements were immediately made to have the funds deposited in a suspence account with a commercial bank in the

    I am interested in using a small fraction of this money,much less than one percent for a re organisation of the work,but I do not need the
    rest and do not want to have any direct dealing with it.but I need someone who will be able to use the fund better maybe for charity or something universally profitable,I have thought of doing it myself but,my ministry is the apocalypse and I believe and preach the soon coming of the Lord which make me not indulgent in reliance on money or wealth in any form.I will be glad if you have any interest in the direction of maybe managing or transmitting the fund as you prefer in your capacity and understanding.

    please if you are interested,i would want you to send me the following
    1.Your legitimate name,
    2.Your contact address,
    3.Your telephone number,
    4.Your fax number.

    With all these informations,i will take it that you are interested and the funds will be transferred to you in provision of the above informations,and as such you will be the only one who can lay claims to he fund and then,i will give you all the relevant information with which you can lay claims to the funds.but i want you to note clearly
    that you will pay for the activation of the account, before you can be given full access to the account and you will promise me that you will use the fund for good deeds.
    I will be glad to get a response from you to show your interest.

    Pastor Walter George
  12. You haven't got this fella's number have you? That sounds quite a deal....
  13. Gobsh1tes,

    How do idiots get so much money, Gobsh1tes.

    Ahh thats what these Gobsh1tes are missing, now I get it.
  14. I wrote back to one asking that if he needed money moving out of the country I was willing to come over there with two armoured landies, and squad of mercenaries and three mini coopers.

    Didn't get a reply :cry:
  15. Those Nigerian fellows are a bunch of crooks.. not at all like those chaps over at the British Internet Lottery who keep drawing my random E-mail address and have on deposit for me some two million pounds sterling just waiting for me to pick up..

    seems to be some kind of promotion for Coca Cola, however the people at Coke HQ in Atlanta haven't responded to my query as to whether I could have the funds in US Dollars instead. so I haven't picked up my winnings as the cost of converting the funds results in a a usurious bank charge I'm loath to pay [ why should some greedy bankers get my winnings? ]