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Just how the fuck did this happen? All the more reason to get a woman to do it!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crimsonhussar, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. I read this too. Natural selection strikes again...
  2. It was obviously the wwife, either that or he was weaker then a dead fox.
  3. Bet there isnt a dry eye in the house. Hope the family doesnt end all washed up because of it.
  4. I hope the manufacturer of the dryer gets hung out to dry,

    Yeah yeah ok I'll grab my coat .......................................
  5. I think the story is a bit wishyWASHY/

  6. This happened because the Clothes horse was nt supplied with the comtemporary 80 page instruction manual, whereby the first 20 pages are all about "Safe handling etc".

    I suppose the Eurocrats will ban them now, we dont want people killing themselves.

    Fire-safe matches and lighters, what next.

    A world for Crettins, created by Crettins.

    He should have played the lottery first.
  7. Sounds like a scene from Final Destination?

    Does anyone know if he has ever left an aeroplane before take off which then proceeded to crash killing everyone on board?
  8. My dad once injured his knee on a pork pie.

    Sadly, I actually do share genes with that man.
  9. Deffo a bit of a drip!!..... leaving the room...

    Oh hang on can i bid for his x box?
  10. Once saw a programme on unlucky deaths - Old vicar or something cycling home, a pheasant flew out in front of his bike and it's head went through the spokes on the front wheel. Went round in the wheel until it hit the back of the front forks, vicar or what-ever goes over handlebars, hits head on floor and dies.

    Sad, but fucking funny!
  11. Sounds like a particulary far fetched plot from Midsomer Murders. I hope that Plod have checked that the wife didn't take out a £1 Million life insurance policy the week before the 'accident.'
  12. Colonel mustard, in the kitchen, with the clothes horse.........shit, I meant professor Plum....
  13. I love the part where it says his son has "water on the brain", and how the news hasn't yet "sunk in".
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  14. In his next life he will be sure to buy his misses a spin drier - tight cnut.