just how many army marriages do break up?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by nightnurse7, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering! maybe hitting a sore point with many people here ... but I have come to the conclusion that a good majority of army marriages don't last! I was always under the illuision that (don't bite my head off when I say this) that well squaddies were the players. All i can say as of late i have heard terrible stories of men returning from duty to find their wives have either done a runner or messed about with hubbies mates. Either shacked up with them or just caught bang at it! The mind boggles to think that whilst our lads are serving and fighting in whatever battle for queen and country their wives instead of waiting with home fires burning so to speak are at it like rabbits for queen and country. Well you may ask what made me start this topic? well i'm not a squaddies wife, but i do know plenty, know some may not see their hubbies for months on end! but i was wondering; these women who marry soldiers or anyone in the armed forces, can't be so stupid to know whats what when it comes to their men being posted away for months on end ... it goe's with the territory... we all get bored from time to time! marriage isn't a bed of roses by no means... but it isn't a bed of thorns either. It's what you make it, and I know if the man I loved was away doing his duty risking his life 24/7 .. it would be my duty as his wife (the role no one puts a gun to your head to undertake) to be there for him when he gets home. Do none of these women stop to think that whilst they are shagging the arrse of god knows who, your hubby could be having his brains blown out at that time? Sorry to come across as synical but that would be what i'd be thinking about ... and if it didn't bother me i'd get out before i embarrassed us both. (with dignity, my pride intact and most of all the man i married, but don't want to be with still having his self respect instead of being a laughing stock) just a suggestion. No one deserves the embarrassment! least of all our hero lads ....
  2. Ever heard of a sentence?

  3. ...and breath out........

    (Hint. Copy and paste your work in MS Word and allow technology to make it readable or at least easy on the eye).
  4. I take it you've just been binned then.
  5. LMAO no way! married 23 years. I never cheated would have told him if i didn't want to be with him! (honesty is the best policy)
  6. Dostoevsky wrote a book about a man who told the truth all of the time, he called it "The Idiot".
  7. so i take it you read it constantly?
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  9. Sarcasm is sometimes wasted on people.

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  12. You clearly aren't.
  13. Ah, I see. Support Company taking a break from roaring up your shitter?

  14. I think even Sp Coy have standards mate.
  15. Thats true! They tend to draw the line at Jersey Cows.