Just How Lazy Are You ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. What with it being Sunday and all that, I've just stuck a load of Dhobi on. As I switched the machine on, I realised that I was just too fcuking lazy to put the tablet things in the string bag thing. Now how fcuking lazy is that? I have a funny feeling that it can be trumped though.....
  2. I forgot a few weeks ago to use the bag thing - the tablets don't disolve properly and you'll have to rinse it all again....... Buggger!!!

    As for Dhobi on a Sunday morning..... What's Sunday morning? The first thing about Sunday I've ever seen is the afternoon :D :D
  3. Microwaveable frozen sunday dinners, leaves so much more time for important things like drinking beer :D
  4. You are right about them not dissolving. They are sitting there on the inside of the door mocking my laziness. B@stards.
  5. PAH!

    Sunday lunch in the pub, set up drinks one step ahead and get someone else to sort the food out!

    So lazy, Teenager is being punished, washing paintwork. So tired and blah can't be bothered to turn head to side so I keep saying 'You've missed a bit' every five minutes or so, not sure if he has missed a bit, but I'm pretty sure he has.....

    Beebs :)
  6. Beebs, I am to lazy to walk to the pub :lol:
  7. I am that lazy that I can't even be bothered to get dressed for brunch and am contemplating driving in my jim jams over to get a bacon butty, steal the newspapers and go back to bed, ignoring the 4000 empty bottles of water knocking about the place, the full ashtrays and the ever increasing pile of ironing that needs doing. Send the teenager over, I have work for him.
  8. I am so lazy that I am being driven to the pub.....wait for it.....by my mother!

    Joggies - tee-shirt and scraggy hair.

    I don't care.

    It is Sunday and if my mother hadn't laid the guilt trip on me about not having seen her much - I would still be in bed with my laptop and on ARRSE and phoning for a take away for lunch! Heaven!

    My washing machine doesnt work on sundays either.

  9. Dale - Jim Jams ??
  10. Yup. They are pink. I would wear my pink slippers too, but I have tried driving in them before and the soles of them slip off the pedal things in the car, so might have to wear my traineeeeeees.
  11. I am soooooo lazy today. Not long woke up. My Sunday lunch is being cooked for me although that does mean having to step outside. Then I go and collect little Miss Blue but will make sure its after tea time so I know she would have been fed and watered. Dont you just love grandparents!
  12. Eldest woke me up this morning by telling me to get my lazt bum out of bed while grabbing my covers and hauling them off the bed. I tried to pull them back over my head and pretend it was just a dream but no, said daughter then started giggling away and took the bloody covers to her room!! So now I am up and not-so-wide-awake, waiting for the madam to get her hair sorted before we troop down the stairs and watch the end of the film we were watching last night. We are then hitting the town to get our nails done and go for lunch and shopping... bonding at it's best :D
  13. Ahem ! Posted at half past ten on Sunday Morning !
  14. Lazy, well once I get someone to read this thread to me I'll give you an answer, turn the lights out on your way out please....
  15. Just got up and am now contemplating a day of sitting around reading the Sunday Telegraph, watching the rugby and eating food that my housemates are going to produce before going back to bed. Bliss