Just how important is this Football stuff ?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Trossachs, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Why on earth is the 10 O'Clock BBC TV news delayed by 10 minutes to listen to some has-beens drivelling on about the match after its finished ?? Is there not enough commentary already ?

    Rant off
  2. You going to complain during Wimbledon as well?
  3. Come on, I'm always complaining..... :twisted: This time I think its justified. Match fine, even when its Waziristan vs the Gilbert Islands or whatever....... yakking on about it afterwards to the point where the News gets shifted is making far too much of it.

    Boring game anyway....

    and I drew the Septics in the Office sweep :cry:
  4. It only comes round once every four years, get over it man and dont be a whinger!
  5. No apparently but I am.

    Isn't this Henman's year?

    Or was that last year?

    Or is it perhaps next year?
  6. I am not really in to football but it is something the guys really love and some of the children too.
    Anyway, while the guys are watching footie we girls get to go therapeutic shopping and the guys do not complain we are spending too much money on clothes etc
  7. I would imagine that anyone who actual knows you wouldn’t complain if you left them in peace for a few hours to go shopping, window licking, or to play in the road.
  8. Football or more drivel from the like of Bush/Blair?
    Football or more incompetent mong plod?
    Football or the end is nigh?
    Football of Eastenders?

    I'll stick with footy. You could always switch to sky channel 32 and enjoy live knitting! followed by five-a-side basket weaving
  9. :mrgreen:

    I'm putting this response in the line book.
  10. Hmmm. Interesting that you immediately compare not liking football with passive, non-aggressive stuff. Not true - as the ite posted ealier in another thread shows... - Special: World Cup 2006 BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -- Thai police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed two football fans at a beach resort after complaining they were cheering too loudly during a broadcast of Italy's World Cup opener against Ghana, officials said Wednesday.
  11. Errr, yes.

    Bunch of non-biological, washed white, wearing, public school nosh boys.

    Mind you, judging by the strength of their backhands they could pull you to completion in 0.6 nano seconds.

    So I've therefore changed my mind, as is my prerogative.

    Tim, Tim, pull me off!