Just how Id like to spend my 8 month tour interval

Just one more reason the forces shouldn't have cuts to it's budget or manning.
Interesting the calls are coming from such a morally bankrupt bunch of ******* as Ryanair.

These are the tossers who, in such wonderful examples of humanity have publically embaressed the disabled by going to court to avoid having to supply wheelchairs, and essentially publicly "shamed" those who require such an aid by making it clear to all and sundry that "we" are having to pay for "them"

Add to this their refusal to let blind cyclists travel on a prebooked trip, despite the fact they were made aware in advance, and the passengers did not striclty contravene any regulation, we have an organisatioin that display nothing but contempt for their customers, especially the most vulnerable.

Given that servicemen and women are being frequently seriously injured in Blair's follies, it is clear to me the effect such pratices could have directly on service personnel.

I hope they go bust, every cloud has a silver lining.
Would this be the same Ryanair that refuses to accept FMod90 as a valid form of identification?

The biggest ****** of the lot is Michael O'Leary, Ryanair's owner.


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Ryan Air want the army in because they are 'cheap'. They would say it is the situation that requires this and therefore Ryan Air should not have to pay for it. If the Gobment say NO, then Ryanair will have to pay for the necessary additional security.

Cheapskate barstewards. Bit ironic though that the call for the army to help comes from an Irish company. (Apolgies to all decent Irishmen, but it had to be said)

BTW British Airways are just as bad if not worse.
Given Ryanair's track record I suspect that they are only complaining about the security measures because it's costing them money!

Pay peanuts....get a shite airline.
Mobilise David Davies and see how he likes spending his recess on stag at Luton...

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