Just how good is the British soldier

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kilo42, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. I have often seen the British soldier referred to as "The best in the world" usually by British soldiers. So just how good is the average squaddie, compared to say the Chinese, other European armies or the Americans. Are the claims justified in any way at all ?
  2. Just how do you compare lilke for like?
  3. Yes. I can carry 26.4 times my own bodyweight and can see in infra-red. I can also see 3.2 seconds into the future and on an ACMT can get 100% of the bullets to go in the correct direction. I can dance, and be the best dancer in the room, even if no music is playing. I can juggle all three juggling balls at once. I can defend myself with my toothbrush against a Karate Black Belt. I could go on...
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  4. invade north america
  5. what a boring load of old cock.
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  6. Thanks for the stunning input
  7. Which one? Bone thread
  8. It isn't "stunning" it is accurately descriptive.

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  9. Are you talking about our best, which are probably as good as any in the world, or our worst, who could field an olympic pie eating team?
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  10. We will deal with the RAF Regiment later.
  11. But that would only compare their respective kit.
  12. every one turn up at BATUS with a brigade each and go for a sort of royale rumble (no coalitions allowed) to the last unit standing?
  13. Depends on what restrictions the politicians put on the military and who has the best lawyers!
  14. HHH

    HHH LE

    If by best you mean at drinking and shagging munters I say the British Army has been No.1 for decades !
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