Just how fit do you have to be (ffl)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stewen, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. Alright chaps, I'm really sorry if I shouldn't be posting this here (as the thread does say regular army, I'm assuming that applies to the British only) - so if any moderator feels the need to delete/remove this, apologies.

    Long story short I got rejected from the British army a couple of months ago on account of my over-protective mother getting sh*tloads of inhalers years ago, when I've never really needed them. After a long rage, I've decided I'm going to try for the Foreign Legion.

    But yeh, given the whole 'new chance for a new life' for any man, what kind of men? I can't imagine your average office worker wanting a new life being a 90KG tank who can do 100 pullups? I know what the training's like, but does anyone know just how many people actually pass the entrance test?

    Cheers for any help anyone can give on the entrance test or something.
  2. Now, are you really going to join The Legion? Hmmm.
  3. Well I booked a national express bus ticket for August 20th - was only about £78.
    Reason I'm going so late is because I have a driving test haha. But yeah it would be interesting to know just how fit I should be? My French is alright, and tough training doesn't daunt me so much, it's more the selection (ie, what are people's chances?)
  4. Obvisiously irony has escaped you along with your British Army acceptance.

    Did you know there was more than one foreign leigion? Probably not

    If you can not see the light hearted side of life, boy are you in for a shock when you get to the endurance phase
  5. You need to be 5yrs clear of asthma medicine prescriptions is this close if so could be worth waiting and get a job where they will look after your teeth not knock them out.
  6. The Spannish Legion doesn't take non-Spannish citizens, wtf are you on about? And I did know it existed.

    I don't actually have it anymore, and the FFL do not check medical records.

    Well, I am aware of the general arrogance on a lot of forums (especially military orientated ones) when an unknown person posts asking questions. I'm not simple, I'm quite physically fit and I'm not naive (although, YES asking for advice, but if you're going to do something like this I don't really see a problem).
  7. Rather than fall at the first hurdle, Did you not challenge the Medical ???? When did you have your last Asthma attack??? It will be on your Docs.
    If it is quite a while ago they normally ask for a Spirometric test at ADSC??
    Of course you looked into all this before whistfully imagining yourself in the Desert on a camel???
  8. I've never had an 'attack' in my life, they put me on an inhaler after a particularly bad chest infection at the start of high school.
    Well I got a letter of denial from the army straight after my GP checked the little box - so I never challenged it as I thought I was pretty much 'out'? (I don't even think they kept my BARB score after it)

    I assumed I'd be alright for it, as I know I'm perfectly fit to join, I was fitter than a lot of lads at school during PE even, I've never even used my inhalers or needed them, so I imagined if they saw my peak flow they'd consider my fit enough. It just seems so trivial, and particularly annoying, as I haven't actually tried and failed, I've just been told 'no.'.

    Anyway yeh, anyone know how many join hte legion each year? I can't seem to find much.
  9. And what makes you qualified to make that statement

    If so why are you asking for advice on the entrance tests

    Oh finally go to the leigion sites they are quite helpful instead of dripping about failing for the British Army. Biiieeeee don;t come back.....
  10. I never had to use the inhalers.
    I only answered a question I was asked about my trying for the British army, so how about a nice cup of shut the **** up?
    Moderators should go ahead and delete the thread or something then.
  11. Biiieeee enjoy wearing you foreign uniform. Don't come back please Mr Civvie, never served, can't served, biiieeeee biyeeeeee

    PS. Don't like you: No more posts biee
  12. I 'can't served'?
    You can't type mate.
  13. Look, just get fitted with your non - brit unform serve with pride like a lot of lads have done with the FFL, come back in 5 years and tell us of your daring do's etc, and then join (like a lot of lads have done) do not dwell on the piss taking. You really need to chill out
    (Although the FFL basic won't give you much time for that)

    Good luck keep us all informed. (Blog it)