Just how dangerous is SA .. interesting read

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Soldier_Girl, May 17, 2010.

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  1. I'm not too sure if this article is trying to ease the minds of worried tourists heading there for the World Cup, or a reality check, with advice as to how to stay safe.

    I thought I'd share anyway.

    BBC Article

    Best bits of advice :

    - Keep your car locked while driving
    - Don't stop for strangers or people who have broken down
    - A blue light does not necessarily mean they are police
    - If carjacked, do not offer resistance
    - Carjacking is geographically skewed with half of the 15,000 happening in Gauteng
  2. I live in Joburg and I thought it was a pretty well-balanced article.
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Hooray for black majority rule!
  4. from the comments section

    it's becuz i iz black innit

  5. Where abouts in jhb?

    I also thought it was a good article, the thing is, like they said, violence Isn't evenly spread.

    You will find more muggings in a medium-low income area like where I am than in somewhere like bedfordview, but also less extreme crimes like hijackings.

    And a very important thing to note, DON'T ACT LIKE A FUCKING TOURIST!!

    I wear a hoodie, beanie, torn jeans and sneakers, I get trouble about once/twice a year, mainly I'm left alone and sometimes I get mistaken for a crim.. but people who grew up with me get jumped every month or more, because they flash money, wearing timbaland, wearin headfones etc.

    Common sense helps, and not walking around in a dwaal :D
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I have a house in Cape Town and when I'm on hols I'm tooled up to a level that would make a Texan envious.
  7. A comment on the piece:

    makes me think that there could be better sport off the park when the Millwall lads go a visiting....
  8. Methinks the TSOTSI will be rubbing their hands in glee anticipating all the rich pickings about to fall in their hands!
    Wasn't the whole British Lions rugby team robbed at gunpoint by an armed gang in a posh hotel just outside Cape Town a few years ago during a tour? Apparently deliberately kept out of the media to protect the reputation of the "Rainbow" nation! I for one would not care to visit SA until it has sorted itself out! Hmm not for the foreseeable future then!! :x
  9. Fourways. Have spent a bit of time in Bedfordview lately, my girlfriend lives there. Nice area.

    I was on a walking tour in the city centre today, specifically to look at art deco buildings. Was in a group of about 30 people (mostly white South Africans, a few local blacks and a few foreigners), didn't feel threatened at all. I certainly wouldn't wander around there at night though.
  10. I'm about 8 km west of Bedfordview, sad really, all the hot cherries live there :D , as soon as they find out where I'm from/how much cash I don't have etc.. they disappear.
    All I have in my area is pikkies, goffels and they random backpacker wanting to discover Africa, they last about a day and a half.
  11. I studied and worked in Bedfordview for about 4 years ... and it wasn't too bad. Used to spend a lot of time at Eastgate, shopping and all that!

    If you want to visit a sh1thole, go to Alberton .. that's where I used to live and it is a stone's throw away from Thokoza ... nice! Had my car broken into on baout 4 occasions and almost stolen once, mom's car was broken into once and my dad had about 3 cars stolen in the 15 years we lived there. Oh the joy and memories ....
  12. As a kid I remember the Carlton Hotel as THE 5 star hotel in Joey's and Sandton was the [p]reserve of the front wheelers.
    Last time back, The Carlton Centre was the domain of the prawns and the rich non-reflectives were being driven to Sandton by their white BGs in their X5s.
    Unfortunately Zuma has yet to reign in Cde Bob Pambere ne Jongwe nor his vocal acolyte Malema.
    Interesting to see that FIFA is already having to step in before the K factor becomes fully apparent.
  13. Oi! I like Alberton :D, now rosettenville, where my ma n pa grew up.. has become a CRAPHOLE.
  14. In my opinion, you'd be right. The tsotsi are very excited about the glittering goodies that will be on offer when the tourists arrive. And, it all starts at the airport, as soon as you land, when your luggage is swiftly carted away; to help you to your awaiting transport. Saying NO is not really an option!!!
    I've not been back for 6 years due to the fact that I don't believe the rainbow nation has a hope in hell of sorting itself out. And, I'm trying to "educate" my fellow UK dwellers about what to do, and what not to do, when they go over for the world cup. I wait in anticipation of what they report back.
  15. You like Alberton??? What! You are a freak!

    Rosettenville ... that brings back memories! It is home to the best Italian restaurant, Gino's (or was it Giuseppe's 8O ). Had many a great night there.
    Not to mention the best Portuguese restaurant, Calisto's .... stunning place.