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Just how bad am I

Life's a non-stop roller coaster of excitement for you old duffers isn't it? I can't wait to be your age.
Don't worry about the wait it creeps up on you faster than Usain Bolt.
FFS, if I had used my phone to photograph it , it would be a 10 on the perv scale, and I would currently be searching for somewhere else to stay till Wednesday
You should have dived in and gone down on her like a pig searching for wild truffles.

The resulting electrical charges coursing through your body wouldn't have been the beginnings of orgasm though, merely police tasers.

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
Sand in the ladygarden can be a passion killer !!!
I gather a small dyson is the thing
He's gone and invented a Hoover for cleaning that out now has he:-?

Can't wait for those adverts!:omfg:
Did you really start a thread to tell us all you saw a vagina? You're not a pervert , just 11 years old.
Oh come on, just because you work with vaginas every day, you’ve forgotton what it’s like.
Sitting enjoying my dinner here on holibobs in Cyprus
Nice looking mature Dutch lady facing me (very nice in fact) when she does the full Sharon Stone with the legs and a very trim clunge.... Now she may have just been very warm or maybe just forgetful but it was a very enjoyable 15 minutes, didn't put me off !y baklava though

On a scale of perversion how high do I rate.... I think maybe a 5
If you didn't drop something and get on your hands and knees to find it under her table you are a homosexual

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Gout Man

Book Reviewer
I gather the "ball cleaner" misled a few people ...
It took me a while but I got there.
"for those hard to reach crevices"
Not that bloody song
I had to endure that last week from my morris dancing mate
then he sent me the you tube link the utter git
( hes off to Holland next week)
Fcuking hell:x:evil:

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
From fannies to hoovers, only on arrse.

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