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Just having a quick tumble.

Why is this in the intelligence cell?
Relevant? :cool:
I feel soo much sympathy for those shorts

Put yourself in their place

All of that, in that there fillum. for hour upon sweaty bumpy grindy hour, ensconced in her most privy regions . . . .

. . . . and then, when she's finished using you, ripped off! Discarded! Destroyed !!​
Yeah, I know.​
It's a price we'd all willingly pay​

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
Why is this in the intelligence cell?
Well I still can’t work out how she fitted into such an appliance.
Perhaps someone will be kind enough to work out the height and build of said person. Please show working out and all equations used.
Thank you.

My guess is she is a skinny short arse, a stupid skinny short arse that is.

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