Just had to share this

Came home from work a while ago to a strange smell in my flat, which I did not notice after a few minutes. Bleached all the sinks etc and did not notice it again for a few days.

Phoned the Environmental health who found nothing, then the pest controller who said it was a "planty smell".

Phoned the local Police, suspicious that doley boy next door was maybe growing cannabis in the attic.

Hour later they turn up, quick sniff - yep cannabis.

Sent them an e mail with a pic of a Mr X who had been visiting doley boys flat every morning with a spare key, probably feeding and watering plants.

The day of judgement comes and I receive a phone call, the heavy mob are on the way.

Just as the phone rings Mr X walks up the stairs to make his usual visit checking on the plants.

First time ever doley boy has dropped the deadbolt and he is unable to get in. He leaves for his own flat and phones to tell him so. I hear the bolts come off and a few minutes later the Drug squad, who look like prop forwards are running up the stairs with the ram. One hit and the door is open.

Doley boy is arrested and the house is full of Police. Mr X is now on his way back, having been told that the bolts are off.

He places his key in the door and to his surprise when it opens he is greeted by 12 Police. :)

He is promptly arrested and his house searched where a quantity of timers and lamps are found.

Both remained in custody overnight and a total of 40 plants were found.

I imagine I will have a new next door neighbour shortly.
sounds like "Bill" & "Ben" with weed, god that dates me..........
But very community spirited of you .

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