Just had to share this....

They don't appear to do the 'peeled apart cheese-toasty' type, or the 'badly packed kebeb'! I spy a market gap there!!!
Mr_Deputy said:
NumberFour said:
its true, you can never have enough vulvas.
I could I'd have them hanging up behind the door like a 'Home Tidy' thing... and then as I'm leaving the house in a rush... I'd not know which one my keys were in ...and I'd have to say...
"oh no, which cnts got my keys?"
:D remember to tip your waiters...
BanjoBill said:
HE117 said:
Don't ask me how I came across this... 8O

But when I saw it, I just had to share it with you.... :D

Perhaps it has something to do with the keywords on the home page: http://www.artgoddess.com/

Here are 3 of them: erotic, vagina, sex...

Not suggesting you spend your time trawling the internet looking for websites about erotic, vagina, sex...... obviously just a coincidence. :lol: :wink:
I said... Don't ask :x

However seeing as you did, and went so far as to cast aspertions at my trawling habits..

I was once sent a link to an article here...


which, although I am not a God botherer, occasionally comes up with some good stuff for putting in powerpoints... :twisted:

(I particularly like the BobbleHead Pope in the "Gadgets for God" section...
The previous link is in the "fruitcake" section...)

Enjoy... :D

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