Just had to look!

HMS Invincible returns from 6 month Op tour and as she docks the Captain informs all the sailors they have 48 HRS shore leave whilst the vessel is replenished, ready to sail back to sea for another 6 months!

All the sailors happily leave the ship and do everything they shouldnt.

48 HRS later the sailors are re boarding the ship and as they are there is a nun at the doorway blessing them before they leave. One sailor grabs the nun and begs her to help him evade another tour.

She reluctantly helps by hiding him under her skirt whilst the ship sails. When he comes out he thanks her and then informs her that he has a confession to which she replies, The lord will forgive. He goes on to tell her that whils hiding he cold not help but see her knickers!

The nun replies, dont fear my son, if you had pulled them aside you would have seen my bollocks cos i didnt want to go either! :lol: :lol:

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