just had my BARB test today - job choices

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I scored 61 in my BARB. Then i was presented with a list of jobs i could pick from. Initially when I first went into the army office i wanted to do Ammo Tec, however, due to me having D's in both English and Maths GCSE, that job was unavailable to me.

The list was mainly comprised of Infantry and Artillery jobs, as well as a few Logistics jobs (mainly drivers). Tanks are cool, but im not really up for living in one if im honest, and while the infantry is the core of the Army, i want a speciality (basically a trade i can go into if i decide to leave.)

The only two jobs that caught my eye were Paras, and Armoured engineer.

Paras was something i wanted to go into, preferably after i got a trade in say, vehicle mechanics. Thus aslo being good for if i wanted to join the Pathfinder Platoon. However vehicle mechanic isnt taking on at the moment.

Armoured engineer seems like a good prospect from the minuscule amount of information provided on the armyjobs.mod website. I dont really understand if that job is just maintaining the vehicles and driving them on testing grounds. Or actually operating them on the battlefield, in essence, being a tank driver?

I found in a booklet he gave me a job called parachute engineer. There arnt many engineer jobs going at the moment im told. Aslo as far as i can see you have to become a member of the engineers first, then go and do Para training. So would it be possible to start with Armoured Engineer, then go onto para training, thus effectively doing both jobs?

I just want know your thoughts on the situation, and see if ether of those career choices are good, or if i should wait for like a year until i can do vehicle mechanics or try for a shading for Ammo tech?

Also i know as soon as i mentioned Paras your first reaction will be fitness. I've only just started going running frequently and currently im doing 1.5 miles in 10 minutes on average (variating by about +/- 15 seconds, ive only been recording my times for the past week so i dont have that much data.). Not bad for a 10 a day smoker =D (im planning on cutting down alot over the course of the coming months)

Sorry i wrote so much, any suggestions or insights would be rad. Thanks.
I can tell you from a fitness point of view you aren't bad, for everything other than para < 10 mins is a decent time to do down to ADSC with, paras need to be < 9:18 so if you do go for that you should try to smash it in under 9 if you can.
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