Just had a weird call on the house phone, then mobile rang..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by carlbcfc, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. My mrs just answered the house phone to someone saying "you know who it is...the one that you like"...I got hold of it and they done one. 1471 gives me 07708 107 642 ...it then rings my mobile, then stops. I ring it and it aint accepting calls....

    I check the usualy pranksters, but know as the baby is sick even they wouldnt fcuk about now so I stuck that number into google and get this....


    How the fcuk have they got both home and mobile??? Im now sleeping with a hammer.

    Posted in the NAAFI as not sure where I should of put it.
  2. You deserve it for being a blue-nose, southern Brum fcuker :wink:
  3. I live in Vile territory, B24.

    Id like to hunt down and mutilate this person. Ringing both phones is a bit weird seeing as though I do not live at this house full time.
  4. Your very own stalker, you lucky sod! :twisted:
  5. hmmmmm he seems like he is ringing a number of people. You should put in a call to the police and show them the site. Either that or find out the carrier, and give them a call to follow it up. Failing that, hunt the fecker down and stick your fist through his face.
  6. What he said! Introduce the fekker to the fat end of a baseball bat!!!!! :twisted:
  7. How would I find him? Its disturbing that the mobile rang, after the house phone. I rang back and the number was not accepting calls.
  8. Maybe it's your wife's boyfriend?
  9. A few months ago I got the same type of thing but to the house phone.

    I picked up and it was an obvious recording "Hi, is she in? No lets talk dirty blah..." so hung up and around 30 mins later picked up the phone again to make a call and they were still on the line.

    So about an hour after that I called virginmedia to ask them if I can have that number blocked from giving me calls. They gave me the number for the "Telephone preference service". I signed up to TPS and only had 1-2 incidents of calls like this till the service kicked in.

    Id reccommend signing up to TPS, its free and in my experience very effective. I get no marketing calls at all these days.

  10. Couldn't help noticing that the last person to report the abuse was a certain Ronnie K.... Surely, if thats you Mr Kray, you should be able to sorty this yourself? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Report the number to the police and have a nice loud rape alarm next to you to set off by the mouthpiece when he next rings :wink:
  11. My guess he is a squaddie from the link carlbcfc gave us.

    Maybe MDN is bored now he cant get on arrse :crying:
  12. Send them a text message tell them they have won a car, give the details of the local Ford dealer ship and a contact number - make it look real. When they call you back arrange a meeting to pick his car. Then kick fvck out of him.
  13. Maybe it is a recording. Still, id like to meet whoever is responsible, and scrap their face off with a cheesegrater.
  14. Isn't the con that you call the number back and get a £10 bill for calling it?...Silly Billy.