just got my payslip for december

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. i got told whilst on leave i won't be paying for scoff+ accomodation

    but on my slip here i'm gettin charged til 31st december

    which works out at £40 from when i went on leave

    anyone know if i'll get this back ?? or was i told a load of sh1t?
  2. You'll get it back.
  3. You get pay statements, the answer we get is look on ArmyNet.
  4. Mate, do you honestly expect effiency from the clerks? Don't be silly.

    You should get it by the end of January but I wouldn't hold your breath.

    I've been waiting to get food and accom charges refunded to me for over 6 months now......
  5. can beat that matelot. one of my lads is recently posted in from germany and has been waiting for a claim to be paid since march! also he had part two action outstanding, which meant he has been underpaid for ten months.

    to be fair, once i phoned his old chief clerk and gently pointed this out, he got straight on it. :)
  6. Fook me they still do this? They always did this, every year.

    You will get it back its just the usual annual fook up!!!
  7. Despite what Matelot is telling you it is the responsibility of the CSM/SSM to produce the ration roll and sign off leave pass. The details are compiled and closed down at the end of each month. This produce an occurance which generates a payment to your bank. You went on leave before the end of the month therefore the action has not been taken. Additionally , paystatements are produced around the middle of the month so being on leave after that date would make payment impossible for the current month. This is the system's fault and not your clerk's as suggested by Matelot.
    WEF Mar 07 with the intro of JPA you will be imputting your own leave, PAYD will also get rid of the need for refunds so you won't have to suffer this for much longer. Spare a thought for those of us who have put up with it for 24 years!
  8. Right then, so tell me this.

    Why, despite me going into the admin office every 2 weeks since July to try and get this sorted out have I not been refunded my accom and food charges?? I'm getting extremely fcuked off with clerks/writers at the moment. It really isn't difficult to do your job that you are paid to do...

    And if you read my initial post correctly, you would see that I suggested that he should get it by the end of January.

    If I fcuk up in my job, I'd get charged and probably disrated. If clerks/writers fcuk up (and they do on a shockingly regular basis), nothing happens to them.
  9. Matelot, Obviously no one on this forum can answer for your individual admin office - if you have a problem with it go to your CoC!

    You seem to have a real downer on us clerical types! but I will not rise to the bait as you are obviously more than a match for the likes of me!! especially as you never make mistakes.

    One thing is niggling at me though - with a sign on as yours should you not be on some Senior Service Forum slagging off your witers??
  10. Paywog,

    I'm in a tri-service unit and it's army bods who have fcuked up my pay (makes a change from RN Writers). For. The. Last. Six. Months.

    I have taken it up with my CoC and it's working its way through the system.

    I do make mistakes, I'm human. But I don't fcuk up my job. I haven't done yet and I've no intention of.

    And no, I'm not one of these clueless types who expect the admin office to do everything. I make sure my personal admin is in order before having a go at others and read through all the relevant JSP's before making contact with the admin bods.

    It's the nonchalent attitude I get everytime I go in to query what's going on that pisses me off. Now that JPA has been introduced, it's been passed off as a JPA Legacy problem. What about the 5 months before hand that they had ample opportunity to correct my pay?

    I've been in almost 10 years now and am sick to the back teeth of the amount of times I've had my pay fcuked up constantly.
  11. Mate, do you honestly expect effiency from the clerks? Don't be silly.

    You should get it by the end of January but I wouldn't hold your breath.

    Matelot, that's what you said. All I have said is that in this case its not the clerks fault. The guy who posted this is obviously new and to be honest the last thing the clerk's need is a guy who has done ten years giving grief as you appear to. The whole idea of this website is that guys who are being fed a line by their admin staff, line managers can pick the brains of others. So rather than spouting anti-clerical stuff on the net ASK for help and advice! You might just find someone on here who can help.
  12. In my time some of this would ahve shown up on Part 2 Orders which every named person was supposed to get a copy of. There must be an electronic equivalent. Have you checked?

    I didn't know there was any accommodation good enough in Catterick to be charged for.
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    OOHHH how I have missed the slagging off of clerks.

    Chris. You will get food back but not accom. Not my rules but there you go.

    Matelot. Can you HONESTLY say you have never fucked up in your job because if thats the case I want to come and work for you.
  14. Just to clarify how this works, there's a cut off date mid month when your leave and allowances etc for that month are fired off to Glasgow electronically by your pay office. This information is used to calculate your take home pay for that month. Any leave apps etc put in for that month after the cut off date get fired off in the following months batch and you get corrective entries on the following months pay statement. The best advice I can give for you to receive neat accurate pay statements each month is get your leave apps in well in advance. After that its down to the efficiency of your pay office...
  15. I've been charged for extra food and accom for the last three months. I actually watched the clerks change it on the computer the first time i complained about it. Is there something that overides their entries?