Just got my new PO - What is the DLO like?

Discussion in 'REME' started by P3HO, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. Help folks. It is now my time to disapear into the DLO in Andover. What is it like? Will I be the only brew boy there surrounded by Warrant Officers and snooty officers?

    Dreading the thought of it already.
  2. Depends what IPT you are going to as you may be moving to Bristol.
  3. Nope. Definately going to the "DLO" coz it says Andover on the PO. I thought Bristol was the home of the DPA?

    My boss is still trying to suss out where in the DLO I am going to though. No mention of an "IPT" on the PO... :(
  4. DPA have just bought some new real estate DLO will move lock stock down to Abbeywood eventually.Some IPTs will be moving in the summer Ive just come back from there.All of DLO is made up of IPTs or enabling services to support LAND eqpts. PM me if you want anymore info,I talk to most IPTs on a daily basis.
  5. What trade are you P3HO?
  6. Black hand gang.

    What is TES? Is this another IPT? Someone thinks I might be going to work at TES? no clue. Ah well...bed time. Cheers for the info anyway :)
  7. Writing AESPs and generating policy.My colleague has just gone there.PM me.
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    think TES stands for Technical Enabling Services.....it's the technical support side of the DLO/DPA..supporting the project managers so they don't buy something that don't work. Groupds like DOSG and suchlike are within TES now....or at least the guys I talk to are.

  9. DLO Andover is not that bad, I spent 6 1/2 years there, it was HQ QMG when I first got there. There is a posibility that some of the IPTs will be moving to Bath or Bristol but not all, they have just spent millions of pounds building the north site to Andover and even the MOD aint that stupid as to leave it now. Andover as a town is crap.
  10. Last I heard that site was favourite for the move of LAND and AG to a common location. I'm pretty sure that within a few years the DLO will have moved out of Andover to Bristol and/or Bath.
  11. My dear chap, the place is full of Logistics officers and that sort of thing. One can't possibly consider them "snooty" :)
  12. I heard that rumor before I left Andover, something about the land lease for the Wilton site.
  13. It's not a rumour. Most of the IPTs that I as a REME bod deal with (and indeed, are in) are moving to Bristol in 08ish (normal slip to the right fudge factor not included!).

    But as for the logistics of building a WOs & Sgt mess, Armoury, Library (technical sort) I have heard nothing, other than general rumours stating that we might not be getting any of the above!

    Other than that, it’s a job like any other. It has its good points and bad points. People make a posting, so you will either love it or hate it depending on who you mix with, and how you come across, just like any LAD/Wksp.
  14. Tnew north site is the dogs bo**ocks, the mess is superb.
  15. Seconded :D