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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_GUY, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. I hear this term "walt" passed around alot, i do not know what it means but i dont think i am one :) Just wanted some friendly advice!

    Any tips on wearing the boots in quickly?

    Oh and how do i get my cap badge on properly, i understand you cut a slit in the front of the cap and it slides in but i didnt want to fcuk it up!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Get a big waterproof box/carton, fill with water and place in boots so they are soaked, leave for a week maybe 2 and then dry out and wear.
  3. Ok, i will try that, although i have to go every wednesday to ta so maybe 5 days will do ok, warm water? change daily to warm water or just leave in?

    oh and also best way to shape a beret on my head? do i really have to soak it?
  4. Alternate between hot and cold water soaking your beret, shaping it on your head in between, plus, if you are just monging around the house shape it and leave it to dry whilst on your head. T
  5. Have you not already got a slit in your beret :? you should have!!

    When your beret badge is in place i suggest you sew it in place using fishing twine or something equally inconspicuous ( 1 stitch is ample) This stops it sliding out of its slit when you put your beret in your pocket, belt hooks, wherever...
  6. Nope, just the bit on the inside that it slips into i need to make a slit in the front, and then yea, i'll sew it in.

    how can you tell if your beret is too small? lol
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. Haha well usually if you can fit it on your napper its a start, pretty obvious really, you want it to be tight enough to stay on your head without shifting, but loose enough to not cause pain etc.
  9. Your unit training team should be telling you all this, prior to your first w/e at the RTC
  10. Thats the best advice... Don't worry too much about it. Your recruit training cell will be expecting you to turn up looking like a "dung beetle who has lost interest in its vocation and really let itself go."
    There may even be a most useful big shouty man to point this fact out to you until you become an ironing, polishing and alround admin hero.
  11. Doesn't always happen though, we still get them turning up looking like a sack o' tatties tied in the middle! which begs the question what do the recruit(SUT) cells do on a drill night? we also rarely see any form of continuation training occur which then makes our job harder due to skill fade, only two weeks but it still happens!
  12. lol only virtually