Just got my first post through, but what will it be like...?

Discussion in 'REME' started by piesandchips54, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Evening all. My time at Bordon will soon be done, Jan 28th I rock up at my first unit! I'm heading to 1 Bn Catterick. Quiestion is, what will it be like? I've heard loads of stories off different people saying Batallions are shit, but it can't be that bad...can it? Is anybody there at the moment (I'm sire there are obviously), but what sort of accomodation is there etc. Most of the other lads on my course have been posted to LAD's so can research their units online, but I cant find anythign from 1 Bn. Any insite of what to expect would be very much appreciated.

    Cheers guys!
  2. I not believe at that establishment of excellence (SEME Bordom) that there are not at least 2 or more from 1 Bn there on a course or detachment. Find them or else you will "rock up" to your first posting and spend the first 6 months day on day off stag.
  3. I know for a fact that two of the PS at Boredom have recently arrived from 1Bn. In addition to at least half a dozen tiffy students and god knows how many upgraders, due to the glut caused from H12. Get your PS to ask about, its not rocket science.
  4. Its a battalion, it will be very much like Bordon.
  5. I got detached to 1 Bn in 1999. Went to Cyprus with them. Saw an RE bloke get killed by a speedboat. I've never been back to a Bn since.
    Take from that what you will....
  6. You were driving the speedboat?
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  7. Its over 19 years since I was at 12 Armed/1 Bn in Osnabruck so knew the unit but not since they moved back to UK a few years back. It all depends on what trade you are and where you go to. If your lucky get into CS Company.... FRG (Forward Platoon) and you will love it or even Production platoon or what ever its called now. If you get sent to Packs or anywhere else in GS side then you will turn into a geek. A lot of the time you will find your being sent out on IST's which in laymans terms means getting sent out to work on LADs kit for weeks at a time. As said a long time since I was in a 2nd line Wksp but things dont change that much except your up north in the UK instead of living the dream in Osnabruck now.
  8. Remember the incident well, was with 62 Cyprus Sp Sqn RE at the time in Dhekelia when it happened.
  9. Pies
    The accommodation should be single rooms with shower and toilet (you will pay more than you do now). The camp has been rebuilt since I was up there. The battalion should have 2 Close support companies both mirroring each other. Both have a fwd A and fwd B platoon.
  10. (had to split the post the iPhone wasn't happy). Go there with an open mind. You will have shit days but you get them everywhere at all levels. Don't get pissed off when there is no work at the bn. Get yourself on some AT courses while there is still a little bit of cash in the kitty, before some other ****** robs.
  11. And I had you down as still serving, please reassure me that you're not, GS Coys and Pack Sects at REME Bns went out several years ago.

    To reply to the original thread, your pals can find parent Regt information for their LADs, you can't find anything on 1 Bn, speaks volumes.
  12. Its the Tidworth of the north, both piss-holes in the snow
  13. My excuse is not being at trade when i past my 21 year point so been out the black hand stuff for well over 3 years in an E2 post and not been back to a 2nd line wksp since 12 armed/1 Bn when i left in 1994 so excuse my ignorance. However what ever there called now a days I bet thats not that much difference in what they produce.I stand corrected :)
  14. Packs, OPR
    Potato, potato
  15. I was stagging on the range gate at Dhekelia and it happened right in front of me (about a quarter of a mile away). Tried to raise the seaking at Akrotiri on my 353. Ended up taking him part way in the range ambulance.
    Can you remember his first name?

    Not as some kind of weird test-just that I can't and what with it being nearly the 11th and all that....