Just got accepted for the Paras, I'd like a little bit more info regarding weekends?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by L/Cpl J. Kelly, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    As stated I've just been accepted for the Paras and I begin phase 1 relatively soon! however I have a girlfriend and I was jsut wondering, after the iniitial 6 week no weekends off, what home coming time is like and if phones are allowed to be used.

    Also after I pass training and get stationed at Colchester what sort of transport would be the best to get back to manchester the fastests way possible? that question applies to Catterick too!

  2. How attached are you to your girlfriend?

    Genuine question.
  3. The fastest way would be a personal helicopter from the rugby pitches, good luck my friend.
  4. Very mate.
  5. Do one you crap hat
  6. Well good luck - you're going to be very busy and focussed on your training if you really want to do well. She might not like being put on the back burner.
  7. Train?
  8. Sorry,you gave it away to early, you have to do some more work,but really played your card to early in the game.
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  9. HAHAHA oh cadet lcpl Kelly, you're cute. Good luck on your transfer to the RLC.
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  10. And you, pray tell, are what exactly? Passed P-Coy have you? Done your jumps? Mong.
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  11. They run internal UK flights by Chinook for serving paratroopers who need get home to visit famly.
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  12. Ahhh so you're one of those mongs who rants shite on this page I've been seeing around so much, good for you mate, I hope when your Dad used to abuse you it really hurt...
  13. And you've done what?
  14. Not a bad start at a wah, but you revealed your hand too early. ..
  15. No, I beleive they got banned recently.