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Those of you on facebook might have noticed at some point a female friend posting Just girly things pictures, for the uninitiated these involve a picture with some soppy statement on them. But the internet being what it is soon started taking the piss by adding a twist to the images in question, I have knocked a few up using nothing more than google, mspaint and my twisted imagination. I'll post a few to get the ball rolling and lets see if you lot can use your creativity to raise a chuckle or two.
Here is a link for original pictures also google is your friend. If participating try to be original and not copy and paste others. Have at it
just girly things images
My step daughter had "act like a lady, but think like a Boss" tag line, I said to her, how do you make that out when you act like lady but think that earning £100 and spending £120 makes good financial sense......daft tart!
Funniest one I've seen of Jimmy Saville shows him next to a young man who is now one of our Serjeants...

Not that anyone took the piss...
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