just getting the ball rolling is hard work...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_p_hat, May 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I popped down to my local recruitment office today (Chelmsford) to get some info on my local TA units as i know there are at least two and i wanted to know which would have suited me best.
    I pressed the buzzer and a young chap answered the door and asked me in, after i said i was interested in the TA he passed me a card for the local infantry and showed me the door...

    surley this isn't right and im not to expect this crap in the future??
  2. Probably best to contact your local unit directly, have a look first on http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/inyourarea/pages/default.aspx

    Click the region you are in, then "Local TA Units" and you should get a nice big and (pretty much) up to date list of the various units in your area.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Hey hat, Im going through the TA application now. Seems like all of it is done through youre local unit! Im from southend so not far from you. At uni in pompey at the mo though so going through a local unit down here. Just give the local unit a ring and im sure they'll be happy to have you down on the next training night!
  4. Cheers, the main reason I wanted a chat was to work out if I'd be better suited for signals or infantry? oh well...
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps he sized you up quickly and gave you the right advice?
  6. ah im going for a siggie trade. It bests go for something youre gonna enjoy the most! dont wanna be stuck in one job wishing you were doing something else!
  7. Don't choose, join the infantry, pass CIC and ask about Sigs platoon ;)
  8. Check you pm. The recruitment centre staff are normally pretty good, you may have caught them a closing time or fag break time, also the're only really there to get you into the regs

  9. Not completely true, some recruiting centres do have part time TA recruiting staff.
  10. I concur - after CIC (basic soldiering course) you need to get a bit of experience doing the job. You can then enquire about becomming platoon signaller and getting on a basic radio users course. You need more than half a brain to be an infantry signaller as it is a challenging role (basically Royal Sigs are mostly static in the rear while Inf Sigs are very mobile following the tactical situation at the sharp end but still trying to maintain comms)

    If you don't like signalling you still have a choice to change to anti-tanks, machine guns, mortars, transport, sniper, or simply stick at being a fighting soldier.
  11. Was talking to a mate of mine who's in a Corps. They were asked if they wanted to send some of their recruiters to a recruitment drive in the local area but told to direct any enquirys to the infantry lads. Looks like your lot are working to the same instructions