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My recruiter called me and told me that i have been deferred about the medical, she doesn't know why and she doesn't know whether i can re-enlist in the future but i think it has something to do with seeing a phycologist last year, even though i didn't have anything wrong with me no phycological problems or anything. I'm gutted, hope it comes back that i can re-enlist sometime in the future.

Arr well things like this just happen lol, thanks for the help people have given to me :)
If you got a clean bill of health from a psychologist then i dont know why that would affect you. Although i guess it would depend what you went there for. if you were on any meds etc You can get deferred for loadsa stuff
I also got deferred this week because i was off work with stress in September, even though i didn't have stress, my own fault really, i just needed a sick line so i could look for another job.

Anyway what they told me is that i have to be symptom and treatment free for a year so that means i can reapply in September this year. Hope this helps.
Many medicals apply different rules if it is the first time they have seen you. Deferring a decision on someone becase they have received counselling or been referred to a psychologist in the past year or so is fairly common.

I don't know your circumstances, but it might help if you could join the TA for a year or so and let things settle down. Don't let it destroy your self confidence though
Ahh thanks, hopefully i can reapply in the future.

I had my heart set on the army, i've wanted to join up for as long as i can remember.

Seeing a phycologist was because i had some really bad news and i just went off the rails abit and needed help to control my anger and a few problems i felt i had but i was signed off without having any phycosis at all.
I'm sorry to hear you had a problem, happens to us all from time to time, but it doesn't mean that they won't have you. Reapply in 6 months of so, let things settle, and you will probably be fine.

They do the same with aviation medicals, they just want to know that you have managed to deal with any emotional issues. It's not such much a matter that you've had a problem, more that you've been able to cope with it that counts.
I was told because I had a condition I was refused entry in to the Army. Last week I saw my GP for my HGV medical, I asked him about this condition and he told me "no you don't have that" This is the problem when they just look at you doctors notes, I am thinking about going to the Army recruitment office on Tuesday. Only problem is I am now 28, but I will see.

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