Just found out Cheating spouse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fivefivesix, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Just had the delight to discover that my other half has been, shall we say, sharing 'inappropriate' messages with some other sh*t-sucking scumbag (who happens to be in the army as well - f***er) both on her mobile and over Yahoo messenger. She doesn't know i know yet but just wondered if you fine gents of her majesty's finest had any pearls of wisdom to share on this. I was gonna go for divorce the b*tch, find this bloke (i know his name and mob no. not much else at the moment) and introduce him to the merits of a size nine - any thoughts??
  2. Unlucky.

    Your other half has come to her senses and chosen a lad who can lick quim like a demon. Grrrrrrr.
  3. get hard evidence before you bin her, copy the messages by sending them to yourself, get her bill, save the yahoo messages on a disc, then bin her and deal with the other guy much much much later. Revenge is a meal best eaten cold.
  4. Hmm....you don't know, he might not know she was married.

    Just ask her. Politely

    Then go mental later :p
  5. Do what the pixy tells you to do. Burn them, burn them all......................
  6. Dont go mental on her though, prove the adultery and she dont get half the pention or maintainence!!!!

    Then after it is all setteled, then go postal on her......
  7. not true, she will get maintenance if you have kids, don't know about a future pension though, probably not.,
  8. Thats what you get for marrying a who.re. Trap her in your car, with any kids you have and set fire to the lot, burn them, its the best way.
  9. Hell of a first post, mate.
  10. Why not try to be mature and ask her why?
    It may be something you did!
    are you ugly?
    If not then i think cait covered all the angles.
    But i would shake the bloke by the hand and say a genuine thank you!
    He has taken the snake with tits away before the lying slag can do anymore damage.
  11. Difficult!!!!!!!! Get evidence, will help in a rapido devorce!

    While the desire to maim the other fellow is strong, as said before the poor chap might not know that the "evil haridan" was a pad!

    If he did, then many stones of varying sharpeness and size should be hurled!!!!

    I had a similar experience where the "drug adled whore" broke down one night after i had returned from a stint in a distant place to explain that her "boyfriend" of 5 weeks had dumped her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A range of emotions flew through my mind! In the end all I could say was that "though, I can understand that no one likes being dumped, I really didnt care and did not want to know about it!"

    You may think that reply was calm and cold,

    but i had been (unknown to her) banged her best mate 6 months previously and couldnt take the moral high ground!!!!!

    Needless to say we are now seperated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Pick any one from the following list:

    Sharp pointy sticks
    A good (as in effective) lawyer
    Brake line cutters
    Bottle of vodka and some sleeping pills.

    Have fun. :(
  13. Take yourself to a quiet corner, away from distractions and others who may not understand.

    Take with you a litre bottle of cheap vodka, a CD player and a copy of the Eminem song 'Kim'.

    Listen and take notes, necking vodka neat.

    Review notes, act on impulse.

    Seriously though, evidence if you are serious about a divorce, don't do anything which would give her ground to turn you over. Feck her mate, she's done you a favour!
  14. if iwas in your shoes i would fcuk her off but get copys of everything first find out where the squaddie is from stalk him till he is sh1ting him self then you have the option of killing him. if you do this may i recomend a bag of lime (you will need to pull the teeth first). if toy aint up to that you could always feed him to a pack of hungry pigs. by the way are any kids with you and your soon to ex-wife.
  15. oh and as an act of revenge publish any naked shots of her here :D