Just found a 4gig usb memory stick outside on the grass

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by flynavy, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. What is the next step? do i put it in a bag of rice to dry out?
  2. Just leave it for a day or two. It's only a memory chip. Should be fine.
  3. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Watch for viruses! You don't know what you'll catch, picking up strange peripherals like that.
  4. Just tried it, unfortunately its full of some kids school work, so will hand it in at the guard room.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    And there was you hoping for deviant porn! here try this xHamster's Free Porn Videos

  6. Are you sure it wasn't the capability management plan for the delivery of the UK's Carrier Strike programme? ;-)
  7. That's such a shit idea.

    Distract somebody you don't like, jump on their computer, copy a load of restricted (but not tooooo damaging) files onto it, then put it back out on the grass. And wait for their world of shit to open.
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer


    Those things don't exist, you fool.