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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Viki_127, Sep 8, 2004.

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  1. A true northerner si thi :D
  2. nowt taken owt oer this fella, narthen back ta tinternet.
  3. I be a true Northern ba'stard :twisted:
  4. Nadendeedabastad

    (Said quickly for greater effect)
  5. Depends where you are from(Aberdeen) so you lot are southerners :twisted:
  6. born north, grew up in smoke, live daaaan south now mate, cor blimey govnor :D
  7. eee bah gum, ecky thump"! i is a noorrthern baastard, soothern jessies 'as nowt on me, tha goan t'wigan pier museum it 'as it all and tells it all, wi'nowt taken owt!
  8. Frisp, (Feckin' repulsive ignorant Scottish pig) :p
  9. Southern / Nothern Pish

    Go West - in the words of the Pet Shop Boys....

  10. Mr Dale is indeed northern scum :wink:
  11. Moodybiatch is indeed a southern fairy :mrgreen:
  12. From the Great White NORTH :!: :!: :!: