Just for fun - Fantasy League Presidents

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 21, 2004.

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  1. YES -Landslide

  2. NO - No way

  3. Yes, but the margin would be as close as it is today


  1. With the news that Bill Clinton is now available to help Kerry campaign , the question is...

    If Bill Clinton was running for the Presidency of the USA today , would he win?
  2. does this question imply we know of all his scandals as President or just those as Gov or Arkansas? 8O
  3. The question implies you know all about Bill Clintons' past , and are up to speed on George Bush's past too :D
  4. That would be a resounding NO then :D
  5. hey ctuntch, i could lend you a copy of that cracking and highly informative film by Micheal Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11, see what Dubya is all about.

    Kerry for President, Clinton for advisor and Bush for indited war criminal.

  6. Ctauch this for you.........

  7. Clinton was our Tony Blair, why would anyone want to vote for him? 8O
  8. Might want to watch FahrenHype 9/11. Moore is a c*** and his film is a hack job not a documentary.

    Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 thought it was a comedy 8O
  9. Clinton is a C*** of the highest order, so last thing he does in office is pardon a convicted drug smuggler(No not his brother, another one) whose wife just happen to give the democracts a $1million (oh, and probably the odd bj for billboy).

    kerry's a c*** causes he's a democrat. nuff said
  10. Gents

    Please argue your case for or against with humour, debate and factual links if possible

    Keep the language and acrimony out of it , this ain't P/CP on the other means or the Naafi Bar.

  11. Not enough information, since only their private lifestyles are presented. I happen to weight the private [when known and verified] with the political positions. The democrats have positions which I disagree with, and I further find them devoid of any morals [with a few exceptions such as Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, and John Breaux]
  12. Candidate C is Hitler?

    Candidate B is Churchill?

    Candidate A is anyone who associates with T. Bliar, TCH or any other New Labourscum?

    Correct? 8O
  13. Well done, A is Franklin D. Roosevelt
  14. Errr, Churchill didn't go to college, unless you count Sandhurst, so he can't have used opium there.
  15. BBC, ahhhh, you may want to check your facts (and thereby stop sounding like your namesake).

    FDR, never served in the military, . (When the United States entered World War I in 1917, Franklin held the civilian post of Assistant Secretary of the Navy) don't know about his eating habits, he had a number of affairs, including but not limited to Lucy Mercier and had a long, and some would say quite satisfying affair with his personal secretary, up until he died!

    I think you mean FDR's cousin, Teddy (the mad one who fought in the American-Spanish war over Cuba)