Just for fun, create MTDs by highlighting MOD waste elsewhe

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. so in theory the money can be better spent on MTD's, kit essential training.

    Here is my starter. I am a civil servant with the MOD and within my department deal with H&S.

    There is a senior civil servant in charge of H&S for the two local garrisons, pay approx £100,000 plus. He has two deputies, both WOII's on FTRS, pay about £40,000 year each.

    They have rather cunningly invented a new system called 4C, needing another dedicated civil servant.

    Every department on my camp has an H&S rep who has to undertake a rather pointless one week course, more wasted cash. Furthermore each of us (around 30 people) waste upto 40% of our working time on H&S rather than doing the job we are actually being paid for.

    Each year we each have to print off thousands of pages of utter, meaningless drivel, all of which is simply a re-hash of the previous documents. No one knows because no one can be bothered to read the damned stuff. More wasted cash.

    Having totally cluttered the notice boards with so much crap that you couldn't find a document even if it was required, we were told to reduce them to a minimum. Now this is done we are being given more rubbish with which to fill the spaces.

    There are regular meetings attended by 1 Brig, 3 Lt Col's, 1 WO1, 4 WO 2, 1 SSgt, 1 Sgt and a dozen of so civil servants from A grade to D. Each meeting lasts two hours. Result? Nil, not one useful thing is decided, ever. How much does that cost?

    Cut all that nonsense out and I think everyone in my squadron could have 90 plus days a year.

    Do you know of any cash cows which can easily be given up to rebalance the books and produce MTD's.

    I know no one will higher up take the blind bit of notice, but........

  2. Several regular 1 stars on gardening leave as there are no jobs?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    There is a national shortage of 2Lts in the TA...

    And they might even get to see how much nugatory paperwork is involved in trying to do the simplest tasks :)

  4. Get rid of MPARs for TA - otherwise it is a report on somebody for possibly every 13.5 days worked - a lot of wasted time and MTDs for those higher in the sub unit chain.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    And get rid of CRs for the first three years, as we lose more people in those three years than all other years of service combined. Oh, that'll be just how it was until JPA....

  6. Stop the unnecessary practice of "blatting off all the unused ammo" at endex.
    The excuse of "we won't get as much next year if we return some" isn't good enough.
    If we have to do this every year, perhaps we are getting too much? If not, make the training better so we do use it for training purposes.
    Actually have the permanent (civvy) staff work during the day.
    I know in my unit whenever we have a job needing done (painting vehicles, weapon cleaning, inspections, general duties) the unemployed or avalable TA are called in during the day, while they sit in the office directing.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Could also add: stop sending pointless faxes (including the 3 pages of addressees) to every subunit about kit/stores/ammunition/etc we have never had and never will have.

    Use email!

  8. And Lts and Capts.

    We could drastically reduce the size of the TA, oops wait a minute, wrong thread. :p
  9. Turn the heating off in the summer!

    Stop paying civi contractors to change light bulbs at 90 quid a go! Most people manage to change them at home by themselves!
  10. make sports afternoons a choice, if someone wants to stay in their room all day, go out drinking or kick a ball around it hardly warrants a near half days wages
  11. My previous Sqn employed 2 civvi fitters to look after 6 vehicles, an SQMS and 2 storemen to look after 2 rooms of stores, a caretaker and 2 cleaners to look after one building and 2 administrators, 2 PSIs, 1 QMSI and a PSAO to look after a Sqn that is little more than Tp strength.

    Either sack half of them and close the TAC or make the Sqn an out Tp of another sub-unit. I think that would save enough MTDs for 5 x 1 week paid AT trips for the whole Tp! (Sorry Sqn).
  12. How about stopping bonuses for MOD civil servants?

    In the private sector bonuses are related to performance targets and profits. The civvies in my unit have neither.

    So why exactly are they paid bonuses for doing the job they are paid to do?

    Probably extends much further than the MOD too.

    In another Govt office which I have contact with, last year they underwent a full office refurbishment. And regrettably I can't tell you about the recruitment that went on. Recession, what recession?

    Personally I think inefficiency in public sector spending is so deeply entrenched, it is a way of life. A little time out in the real world of the private sector would do them no harm.

    It's a bit like camping - helps separate needs from wants!
  13. Cardinal,
    How about we get rid of all the "overweight Medics" that sleep in the Jack wagon whilst everybody esle does phys?

    How about we get rid of all the "overweight Medics" that only turn up for training when the sun shines like it does in Gibraltar?

    How about we get rid of "overweight Medics" that go sick and when the lads pack their kit they find out that Fat SNCO Medics send post cards to thier civi friends walting it up in a rather a big way and telling lies about what they have been doing?

    Not only would that save at least 27 MTD's but save a lot of oxygen from getting stolen.

    Now wind your neck in.
  14. Yawn.
  15. Is this one medic or two plus, I sense a deep revulsion to overweight members of the Red Cross fraternity.