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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by brummieboy1, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Just finished reading Picking Up The Brass, a really funny read. Have been into Waterstones and ordered Eddy Nugent, The Map Of Africa, might have to wait a bit, there seems to be a prob with the date.
  2. I just got through the last few pages of Attack State Red by Colonel Kemp and a journalist. Was a really good read would recommend it to any one, was about the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian's out in Afghan on tour in summer 2007.
  3. Butcher And Bolt by David Loyn Two Hundred years of Foreign Engagement in Afghanistan, covers the 3 Anglo -Afghan Wars, the soviet Invasion and the war against the Taliban
  4. bought "Killing Zone" by Harry McCallion for £2.25 from the British Heart Foundation shop late last week and just finished it. Unputdownable and has to rate as one of the best coupleaquid I ever spent. Author served with the Parachute Regiment, South African Recces, SAS, RUC and at the time of writing (1995) was studying to become a barrister.

    No touchy-feely PC; in particular, the operations with the South African and Rhodesian forces in the late 70s were dirty, merciless affairs: no gloves, no prisoners taken, boobytrapped bodies and one instance where an ear was sliced off for a souveneir.
  5. Cracking read, I agree...but wasn't it a hairier and rather more intimate part of the victim's anatomy instead? (I could be getting confused with an Australian WW2 equivalent story here) And destined to be worn around the neck of a Recce who was leaving to become a minister? Wonder what his congregation would have made of that? Talk about dehumanising the enemy, brrr...