Just finished phase 1 (rt7)

And now I'm back I've decided I don't want to go for the Infantry anymore, I'd prefer to go for the REME.

I know if I stay Inf, I'll go to Catterick for 2 weeks to do CIC, but what happens if I go REME?

Will I spend 2 weeks somewhere else, does it take longer//less time etc?

I realise I should be asking this at my TAC, but I'm not in til next wednesday and I'm curious now..
Hi confx,
if you're currently inf, like me, then you'll have to transfer to a REME unit. I looked into the very same thing, then sacked the idea off and stayed inf.
It all happens as/when courses are available and subject to your new unit receiving your docs.
Why the change of heart?

On the other note, i'd rather eat the bacon n eggs than the hotpot from the rations.
Hell, i'd rather eat excrement than that stuff........
Confx , does your unit know you're thinking about this?

2 schools of thought here;

1. Transfer soonest as you RRTT are expending time and effort turning you into a bayonet and you don't want to stay


2. Go to CIC , come out a trained Infantry Soldier then transfer, taking that skillset to REME. I think at that point as a trained soldier , you'll be moving onto trade training instead of having to do recruit modules again.

As I say , I think... The REME bods can answer this one better , but I'd go option 2.
The change of heart was because although I enjoy basic soldiering a lot, it'd be nice to have a different job at times, as if I'm right the REME still do Inf type work, patrolling etc?

I think I'll do what you advised anyway, and go to do the CIC course, as I'm hoping to get deployed next year and they might prefer it if I've completed CIC.

Thanks for the advice!

(I agree about the hot pot rations, when they start dishing that filth out I just prefer to eat my parade gloss..)

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