Just Done TA Selection and Medical

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jord1987lancs, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    Ive just completed my selection and medical (infantry) and oath. im due to start training next friday, but i was thinking about going into the regulars(infantry) wot would i need to do? and would i have to do medical and selection again??

    I know this has been discussed before but that was for TA soldiers who had completed there training, im just starting.

    Thanks :?:
  2. Stick with TA training for now, while applying foir Regs.
  3. Have to disagree.

    TA Soldiers have to re-enlist and do their Basic trg, regardless of their TA experience,

    If in doubt, go straight to Regs and use TA as fallback if Reg Trg goes wrong,

    Good luck,
  4. And any experience he can gain before starting basic will help him... so as per Bravo Bravo's advice, stick with TA and apply for regulars alongside it. Then you'll also be set up to continue with TA if Regs goes wrong...
  5. I was under the impression that you could transfer across to a reg unit after completing CIC and not have to do basic. Is this not the case?
  6. Somebody who has served 3 years in the TA or more, OR done an op tour, can bypass phase one on transfering from TA to Regular. I'm pretty sure this has been the case for a while now. There is also a new system in place where TA soldiers, oh however much experience simply transfer from TA to Reg, instead of signing off, and then back on again.
  7. So as a 15-years in TA Corporal I'd need to restart?

    180 degree: keep going with TA in case the Regs does not work out / you decide the Army is not for you.
  8. think about it..... complete ur TA training first, then you could decide whats best
  9. ...yep. I was in the TA for 6 years, left as a Cpl, did Op Tour... and I had to start training from sceatch! (I was even going for the same cap badge ffs!) Glasgow first agreed through my HQ that I would go straight to Phase 2 but after I had passed selection they told me because my Op Tour was over 2 years ago, I would have to do Basic again! (eventhough I had completed my MATTS that year). I signed off a week before starting Basic trg, so as you can see it doesnt take long to process you from an admin point of view...but its up to you if you want to go straight in or do TA trg first. The pro's is that you will have a heads up for basic, see if you like it, get paid for it and get fitter....the con's...you won't get all the benefits of a regular soldier, pension and will have to start from bottom of ladder again...I'm now a Private again on a smaller wage!

    If i were you I would do your basic as it is so close as it can only be an advantage to you as it can take a while for phase 1 trg.

    Any questions about basic, give me a shout. I start phs 2 on monday :-s
  10. It's definitely a sticky subject.

    We had a lot of TA lads join us for a tour of Bosnia a while ago, most of them stayed with the Battalion for good. NCO's kept their stripes for a while, but had to do an NCO cadre maybe nine months after joining us. Not many of them passed. Those who never lost their rank.

    On the other hand, we had TA Riflemen who were a lot better, more experienced Soldiers than most of us who slotted straight into Recce Platoon and the rest of Support Coy.

    Maybe there should be some way of being assessed by your unit and keeping your rank on transferring to Regs.

    ele405 . . The fact that you lost your rank when going to another unit with the same cap badge is ludicrous ( in my humble opinion). If you have already proven yourself and been good enough to hold a rank in the same Regiment as a TA NCO and they don't trust you to do the job, then they should't have allowed you to go on tour with them in the first place.
  11. What you could do is stick out the TA, (this of course depends on your current circumstances). Do an op tour asap after phase 1 and 2, then you could transfer direct into a unit, just doing phase 2 if it is a different arm. If its the same arm, (and you recently done a tour), probably a straight transfer. The great thing about the TA is that you are able to see army life as it is, not as it is represented in the recruitment material.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Unless you can provide the DIN or QR reference that supports this point of view it is merely that - a point of view.

    It may or may not have happened to some soldiers in the past, but that is no guarantee whatsoever that it will happen again in the future.

    The only guaranteed way of obtaining a career in the regular army is to start from scratch. Everything else, right or wrong, is reliant on luck, goodwill, and the common sense of whoever is processing transfers at the time. None of these can be guaranteed.
  13. Some people do FTRS and sucessfully transfer that way, of course. It really is a lottery,though as said above by the duke.
  14. Dudes, I'd trust The Duke.

    He s a Grown- Up.
  15. Blue-9...my thoughts exactly! Even the other half who is a SNCO in same cap badge made some enquiries with no joy! The most annoying part was that it was confirmed and then taken away from me AFTER I passed selection by one man's decision at Glasgow! There's a lot more to the story which shows I was well and truly screwed over...but in good old fashioned squaddie style I "cracked on"! I even explained to my Sect Comd in week 1 that I was supposed to go straight to phs2 and he totally mugged me off and came up with every excuse..including that the MATTS for regs were different...Balls!!! ..I learnt nothing new (infact I did less) and passed exactly the same criteria that I had already passed in the TA in the same year! After a few weeks my sect comd recognised that I didnt find the trg challenging and agreed that I should not be there! :-s

    There is something seriously wrong with the system. I was told bypassing phs1 was taken on a personal basis..was it f**k!