Just done my BARB

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Mr.Bojangles, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Just finished my BARB test and Literacy and Numeracy tests.

    Managed to get the choices i wanted which im pleased about, but now im torn between AAC and RA .

    The Air Corps is what I originally wanted to do, but I would not be able to start my Phase 1 Until September 08, which got me looking at the other Jobs open to me with a date that starts phase 1 sooner.

    So if anyone can give me some of their experiances in either the Air Corps or The Royal Artillery and what they like about it, or just peoples opinion of either.


    Anyway Sorry if your reading this and it makes no sence. :p
  2. well mate depends if you really want to do the aac, if you want it that much i would wait, but i am not sure whether u can transfer corps after basic, maybe thats a quicker way of doing it, but like i said not sure if you can do it that way.
  3. Why did you want to join the AAC?

    If it was to fly, then you were misinformed by the Recruiter! :lol:

    If it was to work with the aircraft, have you considered REME Air Tech? (Bearing in mind the next course for Blackies will probably be 2009!)

    But if it was to fly, you might be better off starting in another corps anyway. As far as I know, the majority of NCO pilots in the AAC have not come up through the AAC, but transferred from another cap badge when they reached Corporal.
  4. Thanks for your replies, I wanted to go into the AAC for the groundcrew specalist then hopefully going on to do aircrew / door gunner specalist. But as I was told the next course at AFC for AAC Groundscrew is not until 9/08
    and I really want to get stuck into it as soon as possible, Which got me looking at the RA. Looking over the Job open to me I can't see the REME Air Tech, But i'll definitely look into that.

    My recruiting officer has got me away on the 10th of December to do a week at an Army Training Camp to give me an idea of what is expected at the ADSC, as he said he will never send anyone to Selection unless he knows they are going to pass. I really need to get my run times down so hopefully I will have them down to a level my recruiter and myself are happy with.

    Again thanks for your replies.
  5. what are your run times
  6. When Im doing 1.5 flat out to my best effort Im getting around 14 minutes.

    But for the last couples of days i've been doing Farlek so Im doing run flat out for onne minute then a fast walk, and thats taking me about 16 minutes, Spirting then walking, sprinting then walking and so on.

    And before someone makes the comment about their washing machine being able to do it faster than that...I know they are bad times and I know they need to be improved. :)
  7. they are not the worst but you would wanna aim for 10 mins for selection on track by doing sprints or known as interval training these ideal for a short distance 1.5miler also wanna maybe mix it by going long distance run one day build up stamina then doing something like if your near footy pitch run from edge box to other edge across goal mouth sprint up then jog back for 10 then a minute or two walk then do it for another 10 so on that improve lung capacity ect.. if you get me
  8. A lot will depend on your MAQs, if you didnt get English Language, Maths and Science C grades you cant do Air Tech or other Tech trades. If you didnt get D grades you cant do other trades, it also depends on the BARB score as well (mainly 50 or above).

    Wait till your medical suitable then go for your job brief and see everything your able to do prior to your interviews.
  9. Did my BARB yesterday, Got 78, they seemed very keen to get me to look at Ammunition Technician for some reason?
  10. They're very short of Ammo Techs that's why, so when someone with a good enough BARB test comes through they push them that way. Don't believe all the hype though its not all defusing bombs, a large percent of the work involves accounting for, maintaining and writing off munitions - hours in bunkers re-stencilling ammo boxes. There are better trades in the RLC let alone the Army as a whole.
  11. Not quite what I had in mind! Certainly wouldn't sign up for a minimum of 4 years doing that!! lol!

    How directly involved are the Royal Signals when It comes to Combat is it just direct comms or?
  13. The thing is i'm torn between two options:

    Infantry-Light Role with the Parachute Regiment


    Royal Signals- Communications Systems Operator (Which has the option to serve with the Para's,Commando's, and Special Forces)

    I want to be involved in the Combat aspect but at the same time want to have something transferable into the Civilian world If I wanted to go back to it
  14. yea i feel exactly the same im into computers systems and things like that so i would be good in the signals, plus i gain skills i could use in the civilian world, but im also interested in The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment 2nd Battalion because im up for the fight and would find it all exciting
  15. Aircraft Tech.

    Can go to Cmdo, Para or Special Air Service.
    It is my 1st Pref for ADSC atm.
    2nd is APO
    3rd is LI, Para Reg.