Just did the first part of joining the army

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Orange, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys, my name is Jason, i'm 23 and just did the first part. Reception (At the army careers) My next is the BARB test and so on.
    Been reading the topics/posts here and alot has already helped me or going to.
    My question is, i'm abit worried about my weight tho as i'm 15 stone, abit overweight. I'm currently doing 3-5miles a day bike riding, not jogging yet as i know i can't do 1.5miles.. maybe 0.5miles without stopping.
    My diet or food intake is this.

    I eat Kellogs Just Right with semi skimmed milk
    I drink 2litres through my day at work which is warehousework.
    Lunch i eat 2 bananas/2apples and drink a pint of water
    I come home around 5:15pm, go out for my bike ride then come back, shower/bath then have my salad which is tuna, lettuce, beetroot, silverskin onions, new potatoes, branston small chunks, toms, cucumber 2 slices of bread with flora spread. then nothing else till i go to bed.

    Just wanted to know if i need to change or add anything to that. Any help will be helpful :D
  2. why sliverskin onions?
  3. Just stick to a balanced diet and keep up the exercise.

    Start running. If you can find a c.3 mile circuit, start by walking and jogging it and then by jogging the whole circuit when you can. Soon enough you'll be timing your circuits.
  4. Stick at it, if you can develop the mental will to keep going on your own you will do better for it.
    If you get in be ready or your intake of fodder to rocket, you will need every calorie!
    Good luck.
  5. you won't get better at running if you don't do any. if you go out running a lot you can eat as many pies as you want- fuc k the salad
  6. Any other part of your life that you wish to disclose? :p

    Personally I believe to lose weight, you must eat a balanced diet rather than 1 or 2 "healthy" items occasionally.. eat balanced, 5 a day, drink plenty of WATER. Moving on, run as much as you need to only, IE. every other day, or you're going to build up your leg muscles or any other muscles too much, and everyone knows that Muscle weighs more than fat.

    Finally, good luck and god speed.
  7. Of what??? :p

    By the way - I like the Orange/Jason link (presuming I'm on the right track and not imagining things?) :? :)
  8. Is this what you have started eating or have always ate? Because if you have always ate this I don't understand how you are overweight.
  9. Hi guys, im new to the forums..since the army recruit age has risen to 33 do you know of many people this age to be recruited? how did they do? does a 33yr old stand the same chance as any other person trying to join??
  10. Id post this in the Naafi, about the only bit of the forum you havent posted in :roll:
  11. LOL :D just desparate to get my question answered...very excited about the thought of joining, but at the same time worried that i get turned down.
  12. Dont appear this desperate at the recruiting Office :) They may send you to the navy
  13. :lol: ok!
  14. First of all, I would suggest stop bike riding and starting the runs ASAP as your get a better and more intense workout than riding a bike!

    it doesnt matter whether or not you can run 1.5 miles, the fact is, if you dont start your never achieve your desired goal! you need to practice what you will be tested on. Start off jogging around the block, trying to jog UP hills too as this will benefit you more than just straight runs, also interval running is best, so you sprint for a little while then slow down - do the best you can, dont worry about walking for parts of it at first, you will get better at it.

    Try to do weight training as fat (not saying you are fat!) can only burn on muscle, so you need to build a little muscle to help burn the fat and tone up, dont body build, concentrate on strength, endurance and cardiovascular activities, focus on explosive movements, such as hops, jumping high up, clap press ups, (press up, clap hands, pressup clap hands etc..), situps etc...

    you have quite a nice eating plan, but I feel you need to split up those meals into say 5 small meals a day, also try and eat different types of foods as you dont usually get all you need from the same meals.

    Meats: Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Chicken, Sirloin/Rump Steak

    ALL types of veg (Brussel sprouts, cabbage and broccoli are reported to
    help increase testosterone which will help in performance)

    little bit of whole wheat rice/pasta (only Wholewheat)

    chopped up fresh fruits (good for snacks during day, all types)

    2 litres - 2.5 litres of water per day, little amounts during day but often as only 2% loss of water can hindrance physical performance!

    simple rule is, eat whats natural and cut out all the processed s.h.i.t.e like 'TV' dinners etc...

    have one alcoholic drink a week! 8 weeks before basic training, cut out all BOOZE

    give up fags! if you smoke.

    general common sense really, train hard, fight easy as they say!