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Just Desserts for this ***t.

I hope he was beaten to a bloody pulp and died whimpering through a mess of snot, brains and broken teeth.
It's a bit of an indictment when satisfactory justice has to be dealt by prisoners.
Sounds like it might have been - he'd been 'held hostage in a cell for some time' it appears from some news sources. I imagine that the two now under arrest might well have chosen to make what they saw as profitable use of this time...
Poetic justice. I hope it hurt.

I am not nasty person but anyone who harms a defenceless child should suffer. It is just wrong and there can be no excuse.

This was a horrific crime and justice must be seen to be done.

Dont do it again:). prisoners really shouldnt be murdered by other prisoners but if there are going to be seems a good starting place.
What does a year's detention cost - 40 grand?

That's just saved the taxpayer nearly a million quid! What a result
I imagine that might be offset by the extra time the 2 prisoners will now be doing for murder and the fact that your figures seem to assume he would have done full time ......... and this shouldn't be seen as a good thing purely in financial terms anyways.

I do wonder though how many people on here who see his death as a worthwhile thing would have had the balls or conviction (;-) ) to do this themselves whilst in prison. And why aren't more of you doing this to those scum like this guy after the cnuts have been released from prison if you are so brave and think it is a good thing to do ?

There's always lots of brave talk by people saying this person or that should be tortured to death for this or that crime but how many really have the balls to do such a thing rather than cheer bravely from the sidelines whilst others do the dirty work for you ?

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