Just Desserts for this ***t.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tuffy52, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. How sad, bit dusty in here.........
  3. Springfield?,thought she was a gonna.
  4. Excellent, lets hope we see more of this.
  5. Hope it was a long and painful death!
  6. I hope he was beaten to a bloody pulp and died whimpering through a mess of snot, brains and broken teeth.
    It's a bit of an indictment when satisfactory justice has to be dealt by prisoners.
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  7. Sounds like it might have been - he'd been 'held hostage in a cell for some time' it appears from some news sources. I imagine that the two now under arrest might well have chosen to make what they saw as profitable use of this time...
  8. Wonder if it was a paid hit from the girls family
  9. What does a year's detention cost - 40 grand?

    That's just saved the taxpayer nearly a million quid! What a result
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  10. Poetic justice. I hope it hurt.

    I am not nasty person but anyone who harms a defenceless child should suffer. It is just wrong and there can be no excuse.

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  11. same here. easy enough to arrange.
  12. This was a horrific crime and justice must be seen to be done.

    Dont do it again:). prisoners really shouldnt be murdered by other prisoners but if there are going to be seems a good starting place.
  13. I could not care less
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