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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by gentlesoul, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. OH is away on exercise and no this isn't a bleeding heart question, out of sight, out of mind and all that. My question is, what's his life like on a day to day basis on exercise.
  2. I often have conversations like that with my OH. I sometimes pretend that I know what he is talking about and at other times he knows by the look on my face that I don't know what the fcuk he is talking about.
  3. It that Curious or Bi-Curious??
  4. Life on Exercise is wet cold muddy and miserable with the remainder of the time spent sleeping on the engine!
  5. Or care....?
  6. My bold. His life on exercise will consist of drinking brews, flirting with any females in his unit and generally having a whale of a time away from you.

    On the evenings he will don his OTPK (On The P1ss Kit) from the bottom of his bergan and go for a drink with the females in his unit. He'll get drunk, go to a nice hotel, then indulge in rewarding and fulfilling sex, trying out various new positions and probably performing **** interspersed with analingus.

    At ENDEX (hometime) he'll return to you wherupon you will be pathetically grateful (not unlike a Springer Spaniel) to see him.

    He'll grit his teeth, bum you and look forward to the next exercise / deployment.

    Thank you.
  7. Dont ask him those kind of questions then! :wink:

    Do you meet and chat with any other wives/girlfriends of squaddies? You'd be best chatting with them rather than asking him direct. By asking others, I dont mean on ARRSE either, I meant getting out and meeting wives n girlfriends from the unit.
  8. Just because we don't know what you are talking about doesn't mean that we don't care about what you do when you are at work. :hug:
  9. If someone can not sit down and have a adult conversation regarding their work life and what they get up to when away from home, i would ask myself 2 questions.

    1. Have I made the right choice getting wed to this donot?
    2. Where's me coat?

    It hasnt anything to do with the Army its all about your relationship and the manner in which you allow it to develop.

    Hey what do i know I've grown up now and turned into an adult.
  10. That is the worst piece of advice that has been posted here. Wives club horror stories are the last thing you need.
  11. The_Crimp_Off - That's classic! If I'd known how much fun he was going to have, I'd never have been so sympathetic before he left. Must remember not to pant and dribble upon his return!

    Thanks the rest of you :D
  12. Sleeping on the engine on exercise is a real luxury.......unless you're a dispatch rider or chainsaw operator.......then it gets a bit hairy :roll: