Just couldnt help myself.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by terdal, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Was invited to a friends house the other day for a drink. Get there and he introduces us (me and other 1/2) to his daughter who is staying with them for a few days. Turns out she is a personal trainer to some rich feckers and boy could you see it. I mean tight buns like you would not believe, low waist pants showing a bit of tummy and as tight round the curves as you could wish for. Crisp white T shirt about two sizes too small and a pair of norks that needed no support. Nips readily visible through the material and pointing forward as if standing to attention. Age early 30s

    Now the thing about all this that I'm no spring chicken as I'm approaching retirement but this thing got me going, and I mean going big time. It got so bad that I had to retire to the bogs to, er shall I say, ease the tension. A few well executed strokes took care of that but my point is. When I was a sprog OK but at my time of life !!!!!! WTF I even gave the Mrs one when we got home.

    Is this unusual or does it happen to you lot sometimes? Only over 60s need reply.
  2. not over 60 but - dont worry mate and more importantly wears the sneaky pics you took on your moby
  3. Depends how much you are wiling to pay. (joke) Sorry no pics, hands shacking too much and forgot the camera. DAM.
  4. Did ya tell your friend? :p
  5. Would you?
  6. I'm sure your post has given a few younger blokes hope. IE still able to knock one out and give the other half a doing on the same night.

    Did you rummage through the washing basket and fire lumps into some soiled female undergarments, then spruce up the helmet using her toothbrush?

    Or were you a gent and squirt it into her shampoo bottle?

    Either way well done!
  7. Thought about doing that but before I could get my hands on female keks or shampoo the ecstasy took over and it was too late. Took about 30 seconds and it was great. Just like when you was young and exploring your first self abuse manual. I'm sure you know what I mean.
  8. Happens to me all the time... :D
  9. You mean we have the same friends?
  10. Now that's the last time I invite any ole codgers around my place!

    Joking aside mate, knocking on and delighted to hear that Mrs Palm will still be playing a part in the years to come. To lust for the firm young thrusting body of a taught 30 year old is perfectly understandable, something to commend you for. But shafting the missus afterwards, that's pure depravity
  11. I said I couldn't help myself and I'm not perfect you know. Wonder if I should invite friends and daughter to our place for drinks. Any suggestions?
  12. When you were doing the missus were you thinking of miss pt?

    You were weren't you!
  13. Just teasing. Of course not...

    Wonder what my dad would say when one of his friends said "Hey buddie just had a handjob cuze your daughter is smokin hot..." 8O :rofl:
  14. Install covert cctv then ask them round. Itll give you hours of thrapping action post event.
  15. Sounds lke you know what your talking about bossman