Just completed a 2 miler (During Dinner Break)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mennox, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. As the subject says, ive just done a 2 mile run without much problems.

    Considering ive never ran or actually done exercise until 2 month ago i have seen a major improvement in my fitness.

    In March i was 2 1/2 stone overweight for my size, now after about 9-10 weeks of cycling 35-40 miles per week (travelling to and from work), and running i am now 1 stone 4 lbs overweight, my beer gut has gone!!!

    ive been running 1.5mile runs for past 3-4 weeks as i had a Risk Reduction Run on my TAFS training on Sunday gone (TA) which i managed to get within the required time...13.41 mins, i struggled pretty hard then but completed it without stopping, unlike alot of others that was running.

    Now that the test is out of the way, i can now concentrate on increasing my distances, and i knew 2 miles would be hard...but actually managed it fine, i wasnt even breathing out of my arrse...maybe that is coz i had no pressure to push myself.

    I now feel fitter, slimmer and my active....it just gives me more motivation to keep going

    If you were like me (lazy, pretty overweight), you WILL see the benefits if you stick to it....now i can see light at the end of the tunnel :D
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You are talking about a 2 mile run in sports kit! I thought you meant a proper 2 miler - 35lbs in your webbing, helmet worn, weapon carried, all done in under 18 minutes. (ie roughly the same pace as you managed on your risk reduction run).

    Keep working at your fitness, but calm down with the self congratulations - you still have a long way to go.
  3. Changed title for ya mate :)

    Yes, i know ive got a long way to go, but also come a long way too, i couldnt even run 10 meters without being out of breath...so this is a milestone for me :)
  4. Well done mate.. keep at it!
  5. positivity is the way forward pal!! keep your chin up keep workin your balls off your happy now imagine when u knock a few mins off that time!!
  6. Good news fella, fitter leads to better performance elsewhere too:

    Work - more productive, less easily stresed
    Health - less likely to get viruses ets - Higher immunity to colds
    Sex - Better in the sack!!
    Beer drinking - Higher tolerance, so long as yuo keep at it!!

    Stick at it fella and work hard, just because there is no need to push yourself doesn't mean that you shouldn't every now and again just to blow the cobwebs away of course!

    By the way, the beer drinking was a naughty little lie!!!
  7. Good on you chum - well done (feel loads better, doesn't it?!)
  8. Haha ive noticed this already...i can go a session without being f*cked (pun intended) haha

    Thanks for the replies guys! :thumleft:
  9. [quote="Mennox]Yes, i know ive got a long way to go, but also come a long way too, i couldnt even run 10 meters without being out of breath...so this is a milestone for me :)[/quote]

    Good work mate, a few months back I was in the same boat as you, now I am running 8 miles on my long run and 1.5 the mid 10 mins.. keep up the good work it gets easier from here.

  10. Dont listen to the bull soem people are naturally fitter then others, bags of enthuasium and encourgment, top tip allways try and push yourself that bit harder your be suprised!like you said you couldnt run ten metres before now 2 miles, keep going mate you get there in the end!!!
  11. Sorry to be the ghost at the feast, but ffs don't overtrain!

    I did, and it fucked me right up, ended up throwing a track while playing rugby, marmalising my knee ligaments. The result was off phys for around 2 months, and I lost a lot of stamina. Its slowly coming back, but its hard work!
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  13. +2

    Went mad a couple of years ago as ballooned to a 15 and a half stone whale. Lost the weight alright all the way down to under 12 and a half stone, but gave myself a hernia in the process and I now get an occasional dull ache in my left knee.

    Lesson to be learnt here for sure.
  14. when i shed 3 and a half stonne i pulled my groin, wasn't about to run properly for almost 3 months, my only cardio was the indoor rower and the weekly slow jog (and even that was painful).

    But then i was doing too much in the gym and did my shoulder... so now im just cooling my jets, my groin is better and im running thrice a week and i've just started swimming once a week, for me the overtraining lesson is learnt.