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Just brought these on Ebay....


they look alrte 2 me m8


War Hero
It says the seller is from Ireland and charging in US currency, strange...
Perfect if your feet are size 11.5
leveller said:
No feedback score!

Yes i spotted the score, or lack of. The name is not one id remember everytime i logged in. It says, california....ireland.

Sizes...oh shit ye im 11.5 UK...whats the diff then?
Fake seller trying to up his feedback, yeah buy them if you want to **** up your knees etc. If he was in Ireland they would be using the same sizes as us for a start.
More than 10 available,what like eleven??Fcukin careless losing all the lids....I reckon it's someone taking the p!ss as already suggested .

Edited for being a mong

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