Just Broke My Wrist

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Courtesy Flush, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. Should I tell my recruiting sergeant straight away or see if it will heal before I see him next? I just handed in my medical forms last week. What kind of delay am I looking at with a broken wrist? It's a fairly minor break.
  2. I'd reccomend telling him a.s.a.p cus obviously it's gunna cause you some delay, gotta be a year clear of any serious break haven't you ? don't qoute me on that though because i'm not 100%

    I had a date for pre selcetion on the 8th sept and injured my knee couple of days before, rang them up straight away explained the situation and he seemed pretty impressed that i'd got the balls to ring up and save messing anybody about to be honest, he changed my date to the 22nd and also gave me some advice on getting the knee better! made me feel a lot better because i didn't want to come across as been a time waster to him.
  3. I know if it was me, i'd keep scilent and struggle on, the army can be even fussier than ever and a fresh brake isn't on the top of there to employ list. Maybe not the right choice, but definatly the one i'd take.
  4. It's ok doing that but can you perform to 100% on pre selection and ADSC with a broken wrist ?? and your going to have to sign the sheets to say your NOT currently carrying an injury before you attend PSAC (or i did anyway, not sure if it's same across the board?)
  5. I wouldn't listen to the advice of littletimmy 'carry on normal jogging', you would be found out during training. Honesty is the best policy.
  6. If you say nothing and damage it further you might have to kiss goodbye to any thoughts of an army career. If you really want it you will man up, tell the recruiter and take it from there.
  7. I'd tell your recruiter mate, if you get found out in training they could give you the boot.
  8. What happens when your medical records get taken in by the army and someone puts two and two together. Thats you out of a job.
  9. Are you in a cast/splint? If so it's normally 6-8 weeks before you even get rid of that. Then factor in the effects of muscle deterioration and add on another couple of months to get back to where you were before the break. A few years ago I split my tib and fib and was in a cast for 8 weeks. Coming out of the cast my right leg was about half the size of my left! Took me a long time before I was confident enough to play rugby again.

    How does 10 pull-ups and 50 press-ups sound at the minute?
  10. If you've been to a hospital and recived treatment then the army will know about it soon enough, and the further you proceed with your application the worse it will look on you when they do find out, as frustrating as it is I think you should be up-front about your injury and let it heel properly so you dont do yourself any serious/permanent damage, i know how you feel though i'd be tempted to try n hide it too lol
  11. Minor break or not; a break's a break. Nothing good will come out of this if you lie, you need to tell your recruiter. I broke my wrist 2 years ago - 8 weeks in a cast, and 1 full year before it was strong enough for me to be able to do press-ups (and that was with physio).
    If you go into basic training with a wrist that's barely healed, you'll make it worse, and in the long-run, you'll regret it.
    Be sensible about this, talk to your recruiter, and if you're deferred for a little while, then you'll give yourself time to heal, and be back to full strength when you apply again.
  12. tell your recruiter, you will be waiting a year from the day you broke it
  13. tell your recruiter how do you plan to hide a broken wrist surely the cast/bandages would give it away, more to the point you will make it worse let it heal then train