Just bought this what the f@ck is it ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Took a punt on something on Ebay and won, but what the **** is it ?

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  2. That is a bit of DPM crap designed to lure the unwary into parting with their hard earned.
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  3. a mannequin and beige carpet
  4. You've got yourself a rocket pouch and some form of **** webbing probably designed for people with special needs or little kids. Please please tell me you are serving and are planning on rocking this little beauty on ex???
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  5. Coops, what was it advertised as?
  6. I realised that as soon as ebay said " congratulations you've won "
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  7. Which branch of SF was it advertised as belonging to?
  8. Coops, I hope you didn't pay to much for it mate
  9. You paid actual real money, with the Queen's head on it and everything, for a rocket pouch and a shit Webtex yoke and belt?
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  10. Dear thecoops, I am a Nigerian Prince with a multi million pound contract for military surplus. If you send me your bank details etc etc etc...


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  11. Dont worry it easy it from the village people collection
    GAY as fcuk

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  12. Ps do they do it in mens design :rolleyes:

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  13. Its said it was a trail assault vest
  14. I've got some a trial MTP assault vest in the garage if you want it mate. £50 and it's yours.

    It looks a lot like a random collection of ancient DPM PLCE but ignore that. It's pukka.
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  15. Was that trail or fail :D

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