Just bought a boat...

Discussion in 'Travel' started by trickywoo, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I've just bought this lovely lady


    and it's on the River Avon. It's 27" long and has a beam of 9". I know nothing about boats at all so it's just for fun weekends with the family.

    My question is, as it's 9" wide, will it be possible to navigate from Gloucester to Guildford? There's a marina there although ideally I'd like to take it to Littlehampton or Brighton but that's not possible as far as I know.

    Thanks folks.

    PS I'm going to call her the Kun-Tiki
  2. Nice, a toy boat 27 inches long by 9 inches wide. Sorry, couldn't resist that, I know you meant feet really.

    Just going to go and check my Nicholson's guides to the waterways, back in a mo.........
  3. Hope you had the engine and running gear checked out. Fuel costs!!
  4. Books found - were you thinking of heading north towards Birmingham then down the Oxford Canal, or down the Severn and along the length of the Kennet and Avon Canal, a bit of the Thames, and then the Wey?

    I think you are going to have a problem with locks on some routes. Oxford is only 7 foot wide on locks, but K&A is wider at 13 foot 10 inches. The K&A requires a windlass of a different size to lock paddles on other canals.
  5. And the BSS to deal with now as well. Great if you get a good inspector, nightmare if you get the Nazi I had.

    Oh, and don't speed on the Avon or Severn (if you ever head that way), the BW Stazi have their own "dickers" that will shop you at the drop of a hat.

    Although the maximum £100 fine that they can give you is sometimes well worth the none stop giggling you get out of watching what the bow wave of a power boat moving at 30 Knots does :) (Awaiting outrage from Anglers, enviromentalists etc)
  6. Try this, put in your start point, destination and any specific rivers/canals you wish to follow or leave blank, be sure to put in your beam of 9' in the "options" button as many canals are only 7' wide!

    Enjoy your time in the tupperware and avoid locking with those 57' steel narrowboats as they leave big dents :wink:

  7. Too true, great fun ramming a tupperware teapot when you are steering a nice big steel narrowboat. I hit one more or less head on when throbbing along the Oxford Canal at 3mph. The guy was going the other way, when he realised at the last moment that he was going to pass me on the wrong side, only he was wrong - he was going to pass on the right side. At the very last moment he tried to cut across my bow and didn't make it. Lovely thump noise, didn't feel a thing, but I did see the tupperware turn sideways and roll violently. Beautiful sight, people falling over, sounds of crockery etc crashing to the deck in the cabin accompanied from screams from the cook. Shortly after, as the stern of the narrowboat passed the happy scene I merely looked to the side side and said "Morning", and carried on.

    More good advice for you. The onboard chemical kharzi will fill rapidly if you like beer. On a narrowboat the correct protocol is to go off the stern, remembering to keep the wind in your back as you do so.
  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    As an ardent maggot drowner I have to say.... go as fast as you want, the wash stirs up the bottom in most places and within about half an hour I'll get a swim full of fish.
  9. Congratulations, looks like a nice craft.

    Just in case you were not aware there is a requirement to register your boat for a vast number of waterways.

    Use this site Environment Agency as a starting point they have a list of numbers and links. Oddly enough you don’t need a licence to drive, but the authorities do carry out speed checks and they are tightening up on drinking and boating.

    Enjoy (being skint)
  10. Let me know the next time you are sitting on the side of The Severn mate. I'm sure a quick "blib" of the Mercuries can be arranged :)

    As 4-8-Alpha rightly said, enjoy being skint Tricky ;)
  11. Or, for the part of the world you wish to travel British Waterways may be better. You can buy a gold license if you wish to travel through BW and EA controlled waterways but the EA license part only covers you for East Anglia and The Thames. As BW own and manage most of the waterways it's normally the only license needed and not a bad price for what you get, add to that your Boat Safety Cert, DIESEL, Gas, maintenance and mooring fees (currently a good mooring is like rocking horse sh!t) and you have just joined one of the most expensive hobbies/ pastimes known to man; they say boats are money pits and it's very very true................................. did I mention insurance?
  12. I once heard (from an owner) the definition of a boat.

    "A Hole in the water into which you pour lots of money."
  13. Sort of right.

    You still need to get a BSS certificate and a Navigation Licence. The physical "driver" doesn't need to personally have a licence but the boat owner has to have.

    Except, funnily enough, if you take it into Coastal Waters (or didn't last time I went to Wales about 3 years ago). Blackrock Sands has got to be the deadliest stretch of coast in the UK. Gazillions of Jetski's and power boats with no safety certificates all charging around at a squillion miles an hour and (mostly) avoiding deadly collissions
  14. Cheers for qualifying that bit about the licence AS (I knew what I meant :D )

    Here's some more numbers/links for you Tricky

    • Tidal River Thames/Port of London Authority: 01474 562200
    • Great Ouse/River Nene/River Stour/River Welland/River Glen/River Ancholme: Internal - 750 4701/External - 0845 6031043
    • River Cam/Cam Conservators: 01223 863785
    • Norfolk Broads/The Broads Authority: 01603 610734
    • Other main rivers, canal systems/British Waterways - 01923 201120

    Cam Conservators

    Broads Authority

    British waterways

    The Port of London Authority

    And there’s these

    Boat safety scheme

    International Certificate of Competence

    Boater's Handbook

    Britain's official guide to canals, rivers and lakes
  15. i bought a twelve foot boat back in may, dont know anything about sailing but still managed to get it across the english channel with two of my mates. little did we know that the channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and after nearly being hit by numerous ships we made it to calais into the arms of the not so happy french plod! check out the bbc website and type three men detained by french police into the search. worth a laugh! :D