Just before you vote.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ALVIN, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Just before you vote ladies and gentlemen, please bear in mind that Gordon Brown and his merry mob chose to do very little or even nothing for the welfare of our serving and ex serving members of H.M Forces.

    Thank You. :salut: :salut: :salut:
  2. What makes you think I'm going to vote?Concidering the shower of numpties I'm given as a choise,would you waste your vote on any of them?Alas I donot have the privilage of voting for "real" parties.
  3. don't live in the UK myself, so would be shite to vote on policies that don't affect me. bloody happy i don't have to decide though, because they all live on another fecking planet, each and everyone of them.

    apparently normal people don't become politicians
  4. Fair point. :D
  5. I'm guessing labour. :D
  6. Duplicate post :?
  7. I will be voting with my feet and heading off to Canada!

    Face it the country has turned into a battered old ford escort with no MOT, tax, insurance and has four bald tires and a oil leak. All we are electing is the next chav to drive it into the ground or for the police to stop it and get it crushed and turned into coke cans.

    Get out while your still able.
  8. I'm very sad to read that. I know this country is in s**t state at present, but I live in the hope that the "good times are just around the corner". It's been bad before and we've survived, we will again. (Cue waving flags and Pomp & Circumstance).
  9. The EU dictatorship is who runs our country. Vote for the three main parties and we will never get another election and won;t escape.
    This election is our one possible chance to bugger things up for the EU and stay clear of it for a few more years.
    Vote for UKIP or failing that the BNP as a vote for parties who will both get us out of the EU.
  10. I've never really understood the whole EU thing. I know that we used to just trade with other countries, each one would have their own trade agreement and we had a freedom to choose who we did business with.
    Now we just seem to pay a lot of money to be be told what to do. Can any one suggest a good website to gen up on this?

    I'll most likely be voting Tory or UKIP.
  11. Good times just around the corner? ha,ha,ha, just wait until the next budget, and the one after that!!
    I would funk off to Canada given half the chance!! ....... If only life was that easy so would half the Nation.
    Ill stand my ground and fight in my own country thank you.
  12. Hate to agree with you, but I too foresee myself emigrating, probably to Oz/Nz in the next 10 years. I can't stand what this country is becoming.

    I'd guesstimate that around 20% of my friends are considering the same. Hopefully not a permanent emigration, but certainly one of significant length.
  13. ?????? Even they make the bunch of numpties we have look good.
  14. Well then, if you choose not to vote you have no right to have a whine about the "numpties" who we have in power. I know exactly who I am voting for, so does my wife.

    On the 6th of May we are getting off our asses, and making that vote. If, the next government screw up, I can happily whine about it if I helped put them there.
  15. My bold: IMO You'll be waiting a 'long' time to get round that corner considering the amount of damage Labour has done to this country I'm afraid, & thats 'not' a doom & gloom attitude but a realistic outlook :(