just been on bbc news on tv

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sharkie, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. just been watching the "live" feed from odiham where the minister is spouting the usual opsec lines ref the new chinooks. to see at the top of the screen LIVE OLDHAM!!!! only about 300 miles out!!!

    bunch of mincers!!!
  2. Its worse than that, I heard all the Capital letters have been stolen off the internet :p
  3. I told em Oldem, from the old tv add
  4. On Sky News…

    3:37pm UK, Thursday September 24, 2009
    Geoff Meade, defence correspondent
    The Government is to spend more than £400m on the RAF's Chinook transport helicopters to improve their performance in the tough conditions of Afghanistan.

    Chinook helicopters are critical to the British mission in Afghanistan
    The announcement comes after the loss last month of two of the twin-rotor aircraft.
    They were destroyed on the ground to prevent them falling into Taliban hands after crash-landing.
    The contracts will equip the fleet with new engines and advanced flight controls.
    Forces equipment minister Quentin Davies made the announcement at RAF Odiham, Hants, UK home of the Chinook force.
    Shortage of helicopters has always been a problem for UK troops in Helmand.
    The Armed Forces Select Committee of MPs described it as a key capability gap.
    Estimates put total British helicopter numbers in Afghanistan at 31.
    A similar-sized US Marine brigade fighting alongside UK forces fields up to 130 machines.
    Eighty per cent of current British casualties are caused by roadside bombs as much of the supplies and soldiers have to travel over land.